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Night visit

By chihaya
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My 1xR community's Church of Lemon pledge for 2009.

First title that came to mind was "Don't sleep with your stomach exposed; you'll catch cold"

I drew this picture a few days before the Valentine's day. Originally Relena was supposed to wear a nightgown, but for the sake of simple coloring, the less cloth, the less hassle. (blame the art slump T_T )

Background is omitted due to laziness. m(=_=)m

I put up a mature content sign just in case.

A reference is used for the pose.
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Quite a touching piece here, captures the romantic emotion pretty well...

Although the "showing the belly button" bit was somewhat over the top for me (blame my conservative outlook on canon pairings in general... '^^)

It does show a sense of vulnerability on her.

P.S. nice touch on the rose on her bedside... d^^
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Breathtaking, beautiful and rare to find Gundam Wing fanart anywhere. LOVE it. :heart:
Silene-Ashikawa's avatar
Really beautiful work
Wow.. this just makes me think all sorts of sexy things...
Kaneladit's avatar
super lovely! it's fav, oh yeah!
SulliMike23's avatar
Now that is sexy.
warain's avatar
I miss gundum wing
warain's avatar
FA-Spoony's avatar
I love how peaceful the piece is, just makes me want to go to bed and have sweet dreams. The piece is very fitting of the two. :love:
liaartemisa's avatar
Wonderful image!! *__*
liaartemisa's avatar
really fantastic!...
you make the Wing fans`fantasies in great images...
judyeve's avatar
Beautiful! The emotion in this piece just hits you.
Rhea-Chan's avatar
Some one still does HxR fanart!! I LOVE you! :hug:
Scarlett-Quinn's avatar
awe i love it! its so adorable! <3
DarkIgnis's avatar
wow i love this piece a lot ^_^ great work
You are still creating 1xR fanart!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I will always be wanting to look at them and fangasm over the wondrousness.

Lovely lovely lovely.

Relena looks ethereal, but Heero is the one I really like! You have all the angles right. and the muscles. the clothes look so real!

I loooooooooove it.

(don't stop T_T)
chihaya's avatar
as long as CoL is still active perhaps XDD Thanks for your comment.
DemonessKearin's avatar
beautiful even if they're not a favorite pairing of mine. :)
It's really pretty~!
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หมีมองกล้าม อิ อิ การลงสีกล้ามเป็นความสุขอย่างหนึ่ง แต่ท้องเปลือยๆก็ลงสีมันส์เช่นกัน แล้วจะไปร่วมรายการบิกินี่ฟีเวอร์นะคะ
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ด้วยความยินดีเลยฮ่า วันนี้ประกาศหัวข้อละเน้อ หัวค่ำๆ
/me ปาดน้ำหมาก
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Oooh, lovely and very well done! I love the lack of clothing, makes it look so much more intimate.

*ears perk up* What's this about a Lemon pledge???
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