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Daydreaming Librarian
Piles of books, sit on the desk
Dewey Decimal or Biography
398.2 to 700, back to 972
Easy Reader to Fiction, they like that too
Wipe away sleep from my eyes
I stare at the window and realize
This librarian fantasizes
Coming back to the stage
Someday, receiving an Oscar for her
Absolutely captivating, breathtaking performance...
Hey, back to work
Gotta get to the grind higher than minimum wage
You gotta go to work at nine, I know
You gotta turn it in on time, I know
Even in your sleep you go, go, go
You kinda like it

A dream begins to take the toll upon the hour
Will he approach the door, or through a book
Someone walking behind her
Hugging and embracing
Scaring away the fear that kills her
The death which brings total destruction
~~Sing along with me~~
Read a script with me
Help me put away books
Sneak a kiss or two
Girl, your head is in the clouds
Smiling at the fantasies which create
Themselves inside this Actor's head
Stop me in my stead
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 2 3
Endearing Letter to Future Spouse
Future Husband,
Will your speech be filled with love
Wisdom beyond your lived-out years
Of experience only you have known
Will your words reach my heart
Your song of God-given talent
Whatever you may possess
Cascade an abundance of overwhelm
Through these longing ears
Will your arms hold me so close
To your loving, beating heart
Help me feel your warmth only you can provide
As you would bestow a kiss upon my lips
 Will you quietly wait for my approval
  As I slowly but surely trust my heart in your hands
Please do not let go of this fragile organ
I have been dropped so many times
 I do not wish for another day of broken pieces
To be shattered all over the floor
The remains of a hopeful romantic....~
Will you cite spiritual utterances
Once spoken by God Himself
Nurturing my spirit
As you impart verses from the Scriptures
In every good day and every bad day
Be my leader, in body and in spirit
 Help me to hear His voice
Help remind me to keep looking up
As I will remin
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 7 17
Bound Chains of Revenge
Chains bound to these loving hands
Longing for the return of the long-awaited
Prince Charming of Dance and Wit
I thought for sure he would change
But he has yet to prove otherwise
I thought I had fully forgiven him
My heart had still not let go
Of the pain
Thinking that maybe he'd come back
🎵 Sweet revenge
You've lied again
Lord, I need help
Breaking free from the chains
Of lustful vengeance
The fleshly desire
For him to suffer a horrible fate
For no lady to ever befell his gaze
 No prosperous fame or glory upon his name
🎵 I find I can't get free
Til I release this vengeance that I seek
I walk to His altar
With a pondering, wandering heart
Praying to be rid of this blackness
 Which has tried to corrupt and molt
My beliefs and my faith in You
The lies of the enemy
Have attempted to make me miserable
Feel ashamed to be called Yours
🎵 All the thoughts you were hidden
Are the ones now hurting me
So who will make this pa
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 5 43
Mature content
Chaste Maiden Longing To Be Stained :iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 2 38
Sweet Illusion (Hold My Hand)
Where was I
When the world was made?

Hold my hand
As I bid goodbye to the things that were
I keep looking back
As if he might reappear
And ask for another chance
Hold my hand
Remind me not to wait around
For him to change his mind
The bad and the ugly may evacuate
From the depths of his mind
The good may be redeemed
But that could be a phase
Sweet illusion
Exit Stage Right
Out of my life
Take this bitter brokenness
And cleanse my heart of this mess
Why should I distress
On something that’s not my fault
Hold my hand
Remind me how lucky I am
To escape the bittersweet release
Of being stranded at the altar
Tell me the words I need to hear
These ears need remembrance of whose worth
I can always find myself in
How I long
To be seen as a worthy princess
In the eyes of my future Prince
To be held close to his heart
 The missing rib he had been seeking for
But in his eyes
I was nothing more than a lowly servant
 A scapegoat to use for his problems
  A buff
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 12 67
Sleeping Prince
As Rapunzel held the once
Lifeless Eugene Fitzherbert
In her nurturing, giving arms
Tears suppressed from pouring down her cheeks
Hope still inside her warm, beating heart
 That he would awaken with life
Here I am
Holding in my arms what once was
The charming Prince I believed in
Tears begin to cascade upon my face
As I clutch my heart inside my beating chest
Hoping endlessly that this beloved spirit
Would wake up and realize
 The person he is and soon have the determination
To become the person Christ yearns him to be
Here I am
Beckoning God with a prayer
From this broken, weary heart
"Please, Lord,
 Is this Prince real as you say he is?
 Will you hold true to the promise You spoke to me?
 The loving words that only Your voice can utter
 A still, small voice in the midst of chaos
 I know I didn't make up the message you told me
 Please reveal to me what is real. God...~"

Heal what has been hurt
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 7 67
Creeping Darkness In Her Heart
Despite the lies that you're making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love
Is just waiting
To turn your tears to roses

A young girl is lost in the darkness
Despite how hopeless she feels
Somewhere inside this broken heart
There is a light calling out to her
A gaping hole lays where her love should be
What she believed to be the truth turned out
To become a sugar-coated lie
How can she believe that wholeness will be
Restored within her lost soul?
The hand clutches her open, gaping chest
Another barely gives her the ability
To push her body off the ground
Legs barely start to tremble
As both feet are instinctively led to a path
 Which is needed to be trekked upon
Sweat travels down her forehead
Torn garments adorn her canvas
Tear-stained cheeks glisten slightly
Lips chafing and craving the thirst
Only the Lord can provide for His Children~
You'll never be alone
When darkness comes
You know I'm never far
Hear my whispers in the dark!

:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 6 28
Elite Songstress Upon A Rooftop
My own home
 My own home
  My own home...~
This hopeful romantic
Can be seen perked atop the tallest
Of buildings and monuments
Hoping to absorb inspirations
From the greatest of minds
That have ever lived on this Earth
A familiar and beautiful song
Is heard from her vocal cords
The harmony keeping in rhythm
As the melody provides the distance
 And the pace to maintain its allure
Inside her dark brown orbs
The image of the sunset shines
In all its brilliance and magnificence
Cascading a silhouette upon her canvas
A black leather jacket is wrapped around her
With a hood draped across the back of her shoulders
Two medium-sized hoop earrings snug in her earlobes
Dark-colored gloves encircle her wrists
Keeping her fingers warm and protected
 As they help keep the body weight evenly balanced
Alone she sits up on the rooftop
Resting her hand across her bent knee
While she uses the opposite hand to support her back
All the while, she hums and sings
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 8 12
Puppet Master
You who once believed
I was the one you wanted
Paint me as the vil'n
I laugh at your lies
You constructed in your head
A fire has embered
Inside this broken, healing heart
You beckoned the attention
Of other suitors
While you claimed your love for me
Yet you say I'm the one who should grow up
Thanks for showing me, puppet master
How much I don't deserve a player like you~
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 9 139
Though He Be But A Villain
Take a look around
What do you see?
A crack in the pavement
Birds in the air, singing~
Clouds trying to hide the rays of the sun
The tears and sorrows that have only begun
Will be shunned away from the broken
God, isn't there hope for us who've tried to make
What once was whole...

My broken heart is clutched in my hands
Blood pours out from the veins which give life
It keeps rhythm, perfect timing to keep me breathing
The bitter, cold truth is pulsating through my body
 This hand-sized organ is coping with the pain and aches
Though he be but a snake, a viper trying to extinguish my life
My heart still goes out to him, only wanting him to be happy
Though he be but a bully, a villain seeking to destroy my integrity
My love is still there, I hold on to whatever good might be left in him
Though he be but the main reason I cry at night, lie in agony on my bed
My tears are silent, praying that he would be redeemed
  Maybe.... He could turn away from h
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 9 164
Hopeful Romantic Chained To Abandoned Memories
She fell in love with a handsome Prince
One who treated her like a Princess, as if she walked on gold
  Every time they danced, she felt as if
They were the only two people in the room
In the building
 In the world...
Until the day when he decided to transform into
Someone she'd only met once in her lifetime
A horrible, cruel, selfish, and immature boy
 Who was nowhere near ready to engage in a serious relationship
He loudly crowed the wrongs she has committed
From events that were no longer part of the present time
He bashed her with comments about where she is in her career
Accused her of such things she has never done
Or would ever -think- of acting upon...~
You don't make enough money, you don't have your own car
You disrespected my parents, you judge us, you judge me
You pressured me to put a ring on your finger
You had free rides, you never helped me pay for gas
You want me to be a certain man for you
I can not and will not ever be him
We will never work out if
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 11 19
Rose For The Fallen
As Halloween approaches
I remember wearing a trench coat
As I clench an umbrella
 Holding a solitary rose.. *~ 🌹
In reverence of souls who have
Passed on too quickly, their days were chosen
♪ Underground
Leave them underground ♪

Babes who breathed new life, suddenly their lungs had stopped
Those who lived a prosperous journey, fallen to a long sleep
Death knows no age, no race
No height, no weight
Those who were good die too young
Those who were evil live too long
As so many of us have whispered to the ears
Of youth and of old.....
 How foul and corrupt the mind of man has become!
♪ Them that whispered dreams that only poisoned us
Them that told us lies of their bravery
Them that preached of progress, and put us in the poorhouse ♪

Remember this night, that day
The holiday when last you shared with someone
The event when you exchanged smiles and laughter
Never forget the souls who touched yours
 Acknowledge that th
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 10 11
Strangers From The West
The sunset sky is a beautiful canvas
To gaze upon
It paints the setting
Of a story that will bewilder your imagination
Have you ever pictured yourself
In the hot, blazing desert
Walking around a saloon
You're taking in the environment,
All of a sudden...~
You're wondering what it'd be like to actually
Watch a fight between cowboys and gamblers take place?
In walks the coolest cat of them all
It ain't who you're expecting they'd be...~**
Someone who was alone for the longest time
Strutting the walk of a thousand miles
This person has trekked
A strong, fearsome man
With the heart of a lion
Rarely anyone knows about
An adequate handgun strapped to his leg
Cocked and loaded, ready at any time
His shoulders- broad and laden with burdens
Of a long and stressful life
~~~ Later in the scene ~~~
Would be a woman who would change his life
Could she be the cowgirl
Who knows a thing or two about herding cattle
Or could she be the saloon girl
Who kno
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 14 8
Two Theatre Kids In Love
Every time I gaze out into the blue sky
I notice the shimmering rays from the sun
Showering my face with its beautiful light
As I wait for my handsome man to greet me
A love that's inviting
Cherished and honored
Wanted and needed
Desired and dreamt of
 Could it truly be
  That this man was meant to love me?
He pursues the heart of the Lord every morning
Before he seeks to pursue mine
What more could a woman of God ask for?
With every pep in his step, I seek to skip along
Every song that he sings, I return with a tune of my own
He sings the harmony, I sing the melody
Side by side we be
Two actors who long to transform the world for His glory
In the art we've fallen in love with
From the heart and mind of a child
To the heart and mind of an adult
Our love for the theatre
Has only grown deeper and farther than we could fathom~
Every time he picks me up from the ground
Pulling me into his embrace
Lifting my feet off the surface
 Spinning me rou
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 12 22
I'm So Dang Scared
I'm not afraid of the love
I know that has arrived to me
I'm afraid of the unknown
What would happen if I didn't tread carefully
What if I could be hurt
How would I know
This could keep going
Or it could come to a screeching halt
My doubts are at fault
I am so dang scared
  So dang scared
    So dang scared
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm afraid of what's in the dark
That I cannot see
Because it's so dang dark
So dang dark
So dang dark
 So dang dark
  So dang dark...

Why must the storm clouds
Try to reign over my brain
Lord, stop this train
Before I'm overwhelmed
By the overthinking and the fears
Which will attempt to make me shed tears
The past will haunt me from time to time
Reminding me of what could've been done
Singing the melody of what rings true
What should be taught with caution
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm afraid of what's in the dark
That I cannot see
Because it's so dang dark
So dang dark
So dang dark
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 12 18
You Deserve Better (For The Broken And Betrayed)
Oh what a cruel irony
For those who deserve loyalty
When all they get in return
Are bacteria-covered scums
Who'd never choose rubies over chums
You deserve better, says the complete soul
Too bad they can't know
What it's like to be
Betrayed to the umpteenth degree
While she remains faithful
He goes out every night
To flirt with the disguised wolves
Kissing away under the moonlight
You deserve the finest of treasures
Obviously the one you loved couldn't measure
Up to the desires of your heart
It's better that you have parted
From the one who could've broken you
Give them a head start
  Out of your life forevermore~

To those who have been cheated on
To those who gave your all in a relationship
You thought they could stay, then they're gone
They can move on so easily, you say to yourself
As tears pour down your face
 Like a waterfall cascading from the heavens
You deserve the finest of treasures
Obviously the one you loved c
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 14 10
STAMP: Do not steal writings by djRimzi:thumb330922022::thumb330922022::thumb330922022: Do not steal from . . . by fanfictionaxis:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:


The Decline of the Church in North America
Recent studies have shown an American Church in decline. It is the belief of this
author that the principles of institutionalism practiced by the twenty-first century Church
could be factors in this decline. To reclaim Kingdom values the celebration of the imago
Dei must be restored. Research shows that teenagers are leaving the Church after high
school and emerging adults are leaving faith in and after college. Furthermore, this age
group largely has been neglected by intergenerational adults. But there are others that are
abdicating the church as well.
Senior adults, the disabled, their families, single adults and single-parent families
share the same sentiments of neglect and have a hard time finding their place in an illequipped
Church. The sexually traumatized are more likely to leave the Church as well.
The Church must ask why the marginalized of society further marginalized. Also, why
has the Church not learned from the days of Constantine and the Crusades that it must be
a livi
:iconheavencalling:HeavenCalling 3 0
Jesus the Rock by ServantofJesus Jesus the Rock :iconservantofjesus:ServantofJesus 62 47
The Commandment of Love
God has given us a perfect Commandment for our life— foreseeing the weakness and wickedness of human nature.
God is Love. And God has given us the Commandment of Love, so that we can connect daily with HIM through our life of Love— that HIS Blessings and healing come upon us through Love.
Those who live in Love— live in Peace with God.
Those who live in Love— live in the Forgiveness and Mercy of God.
Love is the Commandment of healing— Love makes1 and heals2 our life.
Love makes our life Beautiful and Holy.
Love gives us the strength to willingly and patiently bear our portion of sufferings for life.
Love keeps us on the path of Eternal life.

1. Love enriches us— Love builds us in Humility; in Patience; in Kindness; in Gentleness;  in Understanding; in Mercy. Love forms us into 'children of God'.
2. When you feel loved—  you begin to heal.
:iconsaumiguel:SAUMIGUEL 13 1
Identity by ChristLover526 Identity :iconchristlover526:ChristLover526 19 0 Conversation by ChristLover526 Conversation :iconchristlover526:ChristLover526 12 1 Carry by ChristLover526 Carry :iconchristlover526:ChristLover526 11 0 Presence by ChristLover526 Presence :iconchristlover526:ChristLover526 11 0 We're living in a world that keeps breaking by T13RA We're living in a world that keeps breaking :icont13ra:T13RA 22 5
Poem for Mom
Well today is mother’s day
A day for our moms, hooray
Now children would get gifts for their mother
Either for love or force by their father
It can be card or a breakfast in bed
Or do whatever their mother said
My mother’s gift is a special case
And no it’s not flowers in a vase
It’s not a special item from Shark Tank
No, my mother’s gift is a special thanks
I want to thank her for everything she’s done
Helping me through everything and made things fun
She helped me get ready for school
She made sure I follow the rules
She protected me to this very day
God help the people who get in her way
She made sure I was active and ate healthy
Even tricking me to eating broccoli
She made sure I watch good things on TV
Even blocking shows, including Barnie
She was always there, serving as my guide
When life gets rough, she never left my side
There is more things my mother deserves
God blessed my life by giving me her
She is one of the most important folks in my
:iconja-thepoet:JA-ThePoet 2 0
Blue Roses
Blue roses spring up from what once was a dead heart.
Nothing should have grown in this place.
Everything had torn this desolate place apart.
But everything changed when I felt loves embrace.
Blue roses sprouted from inside my soul.
The thorns pierced the veil.
The roots took control.
The blue rose saved me from my hell.
Maybe I do not understand the how and the why.
But I do know that you opened up a new door.
There is a new twinkle in my eye.
You are my blue rose, and you are the one that I adore.
:iconxrizzolazarusx:xRizzolazarusx 6 5
Catch Me
If I fall will you be there?
Catch me when I do.
I am leaving all my feelings bare.
I hope that I can trust you.
If you catch me, I hope that I do not bring you down.
Negative breeds negative, that is what they say.
Nothing is worse than bringing your support with you just to watch them drown.
It's not a price that they should have to pay.
Don't fall with me when I fall through this hell.
Be my support as I fall.
Just bring me the key to this cell.
Be my support, help me to stand tall.
If I start to drag you down, do not be afraid to let me go.
It's better if I go in the dark all alone.
Just let me drift down below.
These are my sins that I must atone.
:iconxrizzolazarusx:xRizzolazarusx 5 6
Red leaves. L1001088, with story by harrietsfriend Red leaves. L1001088, with story :iconharrietsfriend:harrietsfriend 51 4 Girl by ilovepumpkin2014 Girl :iconilovepumpkin2014:ilovepumpkin2014 142 3 Girl by ilovepumpkin2014 Girl :iconilovepumpkin2014:ilovepumpkin2014 55 3 Girl by ilovepumpkin2014 Girl :iconilovepumpkin2014:ilovepumpkin2014 34 0 Night waterfall by Furuhashi335 Night waterfall :iconfuruhashi335:Furuhashi335 65 6
This time, tagged by the awesome, Godly, wonderful friend that is :icono-blue:

My inquiries for the brave:

1. Name a song you want to play at your funeral.
"God's Not Dead" from Newsboys. and the "Star Wars Theme" XD

2. If an evil version of you somehow appeared in this world, how/what would you do to defeat him or her?
With my words. Or by stabbing her in the stomach. Idk :P

3. What gives you a stomachache really fast?
Dr. Pepper. I don't know what it is about that soda, but there has to be an artificial sugar in there that sits in my stomach like a rock. My body has grown sensitive to certain artificial sweeteners recently.

4. If you were allowed only ONE television channel to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?
ABC-7. for America's Got Talent, reruns of Whose Line, and reruns of America's Funniest Home Videos xD

5. What's the best dish you can whip up in the kitchen?
Homemade French Toast, Betty Crocker pancakes, and fluffy scrambled eggs with a dash of salt, pepper, and cinnamon. Served with freshly ground coffee :) 

6. If you turned into a talking cat, what's the first thing you'd do?
Scare my mom and say, 'Hey Mom, I woke up as a cat. HELP ME!' :giggle::giggle:

7. What's your favorite scary movie?
NONE. I hate scary movies scared.... 'the 2nd' 

8. Your child has a terrifying nightmare and comes to your room. They describe the boogeyman and refuse to ever sleep in their room again. What do you do?
I would put a night light in their room and tell them that the boogeyman is not real, show them under the bed that nothing is there, and that the night light is there to help them not be scared of the darkness anymore. Darkness can be scary sometimes, but only if we allow it to be.

9. I'm about to order some pizza with your favorite toppings. What drink would you like?
Root beer please. Specifically, Barq's rootbeer. That's my favorite brand of root beer :pRoot beer flol 

10. Let me hear one of your favorite ridiculous pick-up lines.
I haven't used this one in a long while, but... "Do you know how much a seal weighs? Enough to break the ice. *offers to shake your hand* Hi, my name is Aubrey." XD
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  • Drinking: PowerAde


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“The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.”
- Matthew Henry

Being Christian Is About A Relationship by Rogue-Ranger GOD'S NOT DEAD - God Is Good Quote - Stamp by Starrtoon Tacos Rule Stamp by NowellsStamps Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar Get Your Facts Straight by XxDiaLinnxX True Meaning by nghplz Strong Women of Faith by XxDiaLinnxX Writer v2 Stamp by barefootphotos Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx Writer Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Stamp - Sparkly shojo romance by domo-grande Love Stamp by Pirate-Liz Voice Actor Stamp by Vanhelsing1117 Romance in Fiction Stamp by the-ocean-sings DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics Theatre Artist Stamp by jmansker Musical Theatre by adnamac I'm an ACTOR stamp by Jaggid-Edge CATS by hounded Wicked Fan Stamp by spinningflag Phantom of the Opera Stamp by musicals Fiddler on the Roof by vintage-cowbells Lights, Camera... by Jaggid-Edge Obi-Wan X Satine Fan by Allendra3 Obitine Hug Stamp by PurpleWillowTrees Sailor Moon Stamp by timevortex101 Kaichou wa Maid-sama by marzie-x Usui x Misaki Stamp REQ. by RebornySuperbia Misaki and usui kiss - stamp by YaYa-chin Tamaki x Haruhi stamp by kitskie Tamaki and Haruhi - Ending by dream0writer7 Tamaki - Woof by dream0writer7 hikaruxkaoruxharuhi Stamp by Host-Club-Couples Spongetard Stamp by NowellsStamps Virginity Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Still a Virgin by Wakerra Free Will by Sue-Zan Guy-Friends Stamp by Tri-Jean I Love Pocky Stamp by Lill-Devil-Melii Musical Theatre by SpongeBobSchwamKopf Choose - Stamp by Starrtoon Born To Perform by PixieDust01 Obitine hug - Stamp by PurpleWillowTrees Friends Fan Stamp by PixieDust01 PS2 Stamp by PixieDust01 bubblewrap by pandoras-rose Random singing stamp for Krad by xDesert-Rosex Singing is Life Stamp by marbookworm22 Music Stamp by kilala30144 Drawing + Music by Torture-kun Stamp Thing -CONTEST ENTRY- by Mangafan22 Thank You... by twisted-aya-brea Star Wars Party Hard Stamp by CassieCros13 Darth Vader Dance Stamp by CassieCros13 Lego BB-8 Stamp by CassieCros13 Anakin 'Is Still Good in Him' Stamp by CassieCros13 Star Wars Jek Porkins Stamp by CassieCros13 Yoda Dance Sequence Stamp by CassieCros13 Lord Vader Wants Pizza Stamp by CassieCros13 Acting by decors Han Solo I Ain't Even Mad Stamp by CassieCros13 The Last Jedi Poster Stamp by CassieCros13 Christ died for all by DanileeNatsumi Stamp-Love The Sinner Not Sin by Jazzy-C-Oaks Jesus vs false religion by Nilopher God's NOT dead stamp by Nilopher

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