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Puppet Master
You who once believed
I was the one you wanted
Paint me as the vil'n
I laugh at your lies
You constructed in your head
A fire has embered
Inside this broken, healing heart
You beckoned the attention
Of other suitors
While you claimed your love for me
Yet you say I'm the one who should grow up
Thanks for showing me, puppet master
How much I don't deserve a player like you~
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 6 120
Though He Be But A Villain
Take a look around
What do you see?
A crack in the pavement
Birds in the air, singing~
Clouds trying to hide the rays of the sun
The tears and sorrows that have only begun
Will be shunned away from the broken
God, isn't there hope for us who've tried to make
What once was whole...

My broken heart is clutched in my hands
Blood pours out from the veins which give life
It keeps rhythm, perfect timing to keep me breathing
The bitter, cold truth is pulsating through my body
 This hand-sized organ is coping with the pain and aches
Though he be but a snake, a viper trying to extinguish my life
My heart still goes out to him, only wanting him to be happy
Though he be but a bully, a villain seeking to destroy my integrity
My love is still there, I hold on to whatever good might be left in him
Though he be but the main reason I cry at night, lie in agony on my bed
My tears are silent, praying that he would be redeemed
  Maybe.... He could turn away from h
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 4 164
Hopeful Romantic Chained To Abandoned Memories
She fell in love with a handsome Prince
One who treated her like a Princess, as if she walked on gold
  Every time they danced, she felt as if
They were the only two people in the room
In the building
 In the world...
Until the day when he decided to transform into
Someone she'd only met once in her lifetime
A horrible, cruel, selfish, and immature boy
 Who was nowhere near ready to engage in a serious relationship
He loudly crowed the wrongs she has committed
From events that were no longer part of the present time
He bashed her with comments about where she is in her career
Accused her of such things she has never done
Or would ever -think- of acting upon...~
You don't make enough money, you don't have your own car
You disrespected my parents, you judge us, you judge me
You pressured me to put a ring on your finger
You had free rides, you never helped me pay for gas
You want me to be a certain man for you
I can not and will not ever be him
We will never work out if
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 11 16
Rose For The Fallen
As Halloween approaches
I remember wearing a trench coat
As I clench an umbrella
 Holding a solitary rose.. *~ 🌹
In reverence of souls who have
Passed on too quickly, their days were chosen
♪ Underground
Leave them underground ♪

Babes who breathed new life, suddenly their lungs had stopped
Those who lived a prosperous journey, fallen to a long sleep
Death knows no age, no race
No height, no weight
Those who were good die too young
Those who were evil live too long
As so many of us have whispered to the ears
Of youth and of old.....
 How foul and corrupt the mind of man has become!
♪ Them that whispered dreams that only poisoned us
Them that told us lies of their bravery
Them that preached of progress, and put us in the poorhouse ♪

Remember this night, that day
The holiday when last you shared with someone
The event when you exchanged smiles and laughter
Never forget the souls who touched yours
 Acknowledge that th
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 9 11
Strangers From The West
The sunset sky is a beautiful canvas
To gaze upon
It paints the setting
Of a story that will bewilder your imagination
Have you ever pictured yourself
In the hot, blazing desert
Walking around a saloon
You're taking in the environment,
All of a sudden...~
You're wondering what it'd be like to actually
Watch a fight between cowboys and gamblers take place?
In walks the coolest cat of them all
It ain't who you're expecting they'd be...~**
Someone who was alone for the longest time
Strutting the walk of a thousand miles
This person has trekked
A strong, fearsome man
With the heart of a lion
Rarely anyone knows about
An adequate handgun strapped to his leg
Cocked and loaded, ready at any time
His shoulders- broad and laden with burdens
Of a long and stressful life
~~~ Later in the scene ~~~
Would be a woman who would change his life
Could she be the cowgirl
Who knows a thing or two about herding cattle
Or could she be the saloon girl
Who kno
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 13 8
Two Theatre Kids In Love
Every time I gaze out into the blue sky
I notice the shimmering rays from the sun
Showering my face with its beautiful light
As I wait for my handsome man to greet me
A love that's inviting
Cherished and honored
Wanted and needed
Desired and dreamt of
 Could it truly be
  That this man was meant to love me?
He pursues the heart of the Lord every morning
Before he seeks to pursue mine
What more could a woman of God ask for?
With every pep in his step, I seek to skip along
Every song that he sings, I return with a tune of my own
He sings the harmony, I sing the melody
Side by side we be
Two actors who long to transform the world for His glory
In the art we've fallen in love with
From the heart and mind of a child
To the heart and mind of an adult
Our love for the theatre
Has only grown deeper and farther than we could fathom~
Every time he picks me up from the ground
Pulling me into his embrace
Lifting my feet off the surface
 Spinning me rou
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 11 22
I'm So Dang Scared
I'm not afraid of the love
I know that has arrived to me
I'm afraid of the unknown
What would happen if I didn't tread carefully
What if I could be hurt
How would I know
This could keep going
Or it could come to a screeching halt
My doubts are at fault
I am so dang scared
  So dang scared
    So dang scared
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm afraid of what's in the dark
That I cannot see
Because it's so dang dark
So dang dark
So dang dark
 So dang dark
  So dang dark...

Why must the storm clouds
Try to reign over my brain
Lord, stop this train
Before I'm overwhelmed
By the overthinking and the fears
Which will attempt to make me shed tears
The past will haunt me from time to time
Reminding me of what could've been done
Singing the melody of what rings true
What should be taught with caution
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm afraid of what's in the dark
That I cannot see
Because it's so dang dark
So dang dark
So dang dark
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 12 18
You Deserve Better (For The Broken And Betrayed)
Oh what a cruel irony
For those who deserve loyalty
When all they get in return
Are bacteria-covered scums
Who'd never choose rubies over chums
You deserve better, says the complete soul
Too bad they can't know
What it's like to be
Betrayed to the umpteenth degree
While she remains faithful
He goes out every night
To flirt with the disguised wolves
Kissing away under the moonlight
You deserve the finest of treasures
Obviously the one you loved couldn't measure
Up to the desires of your heart
It's better that you have parted
From the one who could've broken you
Give them a head start
  Out of your life forevermore~

To those who have been cheated on
To those who gave your all in a relationship
You thought they could stay, then they're gone
They can move on so easily, you say to yourself
As tears pour down your face
 Like a waterfall cascading from the heavens
You deserve the finest of treasures
Obviously the one you loved c
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 14 10
A Mermaid's Longing For Love by ChiharusMoon A Mermaid's Longing For Love :iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 16 5 Jack's Burp- HILARIOUS XD by ChiharusMoon Jack's Burp- HILARIOUS XD :iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 66 76
All The Way (He Believes In Me)
Although I do get knocked down to my knees
       Every now and then
I will still keep going
The passion in my heart is the reason I'm alive
 The rhythm of my heartbeat, composed by the Heavenly Father
Even when I don't believe in myself
He still believes in me....~
All the way, keep on going
All the way, keep on a-dancin'
All the way, keep going, you got this!
All the way, keep on flyin'
Keep on going, keep on going~

The world, and all its inhabitants,
Try to take me down
 "No you can't"
   "Eh I don't believe you."
    "Why aren't you moved out yet?"
   "Why don't you have a car yet?"
  "Can't you take my advice?"
 "Why aren't you more advanced in life?"
"Aaaaaauhaaahaaa!!! Ahhhhhh!!!"
Why don't people understand
Can't you take a moment
And step into my shoes for a solitary day?
I've been knocked down onto my knees for the umpteenth time
Will I hit the best year
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 29 26
You're Not Alone (Come Hug Me~)
Single man,
I see you standing there
 Looking aimlessly about, as if you're searching for an answer
You feel like you're in the black
Unsure if you're really on the right path

To the life you know you want
You crave for it
 You desire for it
Whether you feel happy about your singleness
Or whether you feel lonely and wanting that special lady by your side
Take a look through the mist and fog
And there you'll find a single woman
Trying to find her happiness in this season
 A season of continued healing and renewal of joy in helping others
Look up, young single man
Do you see me in the midst
 Wearing a modest summer dress, as it caters to my figure
Slender, black flats enclosed around my feet
Brown hair, ornate with blonde highlights, moving in the breeze
With love in my heart and dried up tears upon my face
I cry out to you, trying to get your attention
My arms are spread open for you, welcoming you to receive this love
The love I know you'
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 20 197
My Anna Cosplay- AX 2016 by ChiharusMoon My Anna Cosplay- AX 2016 :iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 16 169 MY FIRST GIF- JackSepticEye by ChiharusMoon MY FIRST GIF- JackSepticEye :iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 65 51
Sympathy For The Single Man
Dear Single Man,
I know you must be hurting
Or you're in the process of healing
Either way, there's one thing for certain
You long to be whole
You long to share your life with someone
Who understands you in a way you never dreamt possible
As a Single Woman
I know how that feels
You may think all these emotions
Gathered in the bedrock of your soul
Could be something only you could ever understand
I -do- understand
Come sit with me and watch a favorite movie or two
Play some board games with me
Have a drink with me and let the good times roll
     And I don't mean to get drunk with me
Look out and gaze at the moon and stars with me
Let your mind get lost in the beauty of nature
Only God Himself could've breathed to life by simple words
Truly remarkable how life on this earth began~
If you need a person's warmth to be felt
In your arms, in your hands
Allow me to be this person for you
I'll lean my head on your shoulder
Hold your hand long enough to make your heart skip a be
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 30 71
Party Of One
When something bad happens to me,
Will you be there to catch me
When I fall
My flesh wants me to curse the heavens
 When I feel like screaming from
                 The depth of my lungs?
A hopeless romantic told to believe
To have faith
From it, you must never depart
Keep praying and never cease
To not just ask, but seek what pleases
His Heavenly Heart
Love is guiding a person across a street
Until they get to a safe destination
 Where doubts and fears are locked away
When everything works out in His favor, for our favor
What every person wants eventually in the end
Why can't everyone give one ounce of their time
To show that love is indeed a powerful thing
I want to be someone's wings
The bird that helps them fly when they feel low
I want to be someone's second heart
When they feel like there's nowhere else to go
To be someone's vessels
Pumping the life-giving blood through their veins
 Giving them ad
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 18 29
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Getting over heartbreak..

Sun Sep 16, 2018, 7:50 PM
Hey everyone, here's the latest update...

Since last Sunday, I am single all over again. The man whom I fell in love with broke my heart last Sunday, by messaging me this: "Have a good life. Blessings". I told him if this breakup was meant to be, if anything like this would happen, I wanted to do this in person. He totally blew me off and started insulting me, disrespecting me, making me feel like I'm the villain, that I need to grow up when clearly -he- was the one who has ALOT of growing up to do. Sad to see someone whom I called my Prince to become a villain from the worst nightmare that my subconscious would dare construct. His good side vanished, it's gone, fallen down a well somewhere and he can't get out. 

Honestly, I should've called out on the red flags I had seen in the past 3 months- he started getting real squeamish about the marriage talk, the way he hugged me was certainly different, no cuddling with me at all, he didn't want to kiss me on the lips or cheek for more than a few seconds, his walk with God was certainly not steady at all, and he started hiding stuff from me. Turns out, from what my bro and cousin told me, he actually attempted to start a flirtatious conversation with a couple of girls- one of them being a complete stranger. I have never felt so betrayed. What Andrew did was almost just as bad as what my high school ex did to me. 

How can someone go from a loyal, kind, trustworthy person to a shady, arrogant, prideful, and backstabbing boy? He's not a man. He's a boy with a fear of commitment and made up the lamest excuse to leave me- saying that I had a chance to talk to him the past week, saying that I had to apologize for disrespecting his parents when I had done no such thing. He was the one that needed to apologize for disrespecting me in a 2 page long text. I had to ignore him because he refused to apologize for all the wrong things he said.

I will still respect him as a human being in public, but if he tries to do something to me while I'm alone- beg for me to give him a chance, say something evil or snarky- I will NOT be silent.
I'm not done with love completely, but I am not hooking up with anyone right away. My heart needs time to heal. As I did with this learning experience at rockabilly night 2 years ago, I will continue to let God decide when is the best time for me to date. God orchestrates these events to happen for a reason- we did fall in love, we were meant to meet that night, I felt we were right for each other. But how he's been acting proved otherwise. And it's so sad that he didn't own up to my face. He cowered behind a screen like a 13-yr-old kid.


In other news, I want to get back into writing poetry again. Sorry for the inactivity on here lately. I've been depressed. :( But I'm working on being more active with my family, girl friends who want to hang out with me and help me get over him, and getting more involved with the ministries at church. In fact, there was a church picnic. My depression wanted to stay at home and sulk, but my spiritual self wanted to go to the picnic and have fun. So I did. Glad to say that I did because I got to have fun, eat good food, play games, and prayed with one of the pastor's wives about my heartbreak and for God to open doors for me to be more active at my home church. :)


What's up with y'all? Comment down below about how work/school/family/loved ones/friends are in your life :) I miss being active here on dA. I pray I can change that. Love you guys :D

  • Watching: VanossGaming, h20Delirious, GMM, or all of them :p
  • Eating: ANYTHING
  • Drinking: Starbucks Caramel Frappucino :)


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“The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.”
- Matthew Henry

Being Christian Is About A Relationship by Rogue-Ranger GOD'S NOT DEAD - God Is Good Quote - Stamp by Starrceline Tacos Rule Stamp by NowellsStamps Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar Get Your Facts Straight by XxDiaLinnxX True Meaning by nghplz Strong Women of Faith by XxDiaLinnxX Writer v2 Stamp by barefootphotos Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx Writer Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Stamp - Sparkly shojo romance by domo-grande Love Stamp by Pirate-Liz Voice Actor Stamp by Vanhelsing1117 Romance in Fiction Stamp by the-ocean-sings DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics Musical Theatre by adnamac I'm an ACTOR stamp by Jaggid-Edge CATS by hounded Wicked Fan Stamp by spinningflag Phantom of the Opera Stamp by musicals Fiddler on the Roof by vintage-cowbells Lights, Camera... by Jaggid-Edge Obi-Wan X Satine Fan by Allendra3 Obitine Hug Stamp by PurpleWillowTrees Sailor Moon Stamp by timevortex101 Kaichou wa Maid-sama by marzie-x Usui x Misaki Stamp REQ. by RebornySuperbia Misaki and usui kiss - stamp by YaYa-chin Tamaki x Haruhi stamp by kitskie Tamaki and Haruhi - Ending by dream0writer7 Tamaki - Woof by dream0writer7 hikaruxkaoruxharuhi Stamp by Host-Club-Couples Spongetard Stamp by NowellsStamps Virginity Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Still a Virgin by Wakerra Free Will by Sue-Zan Guy-Friends Stamp by Tri-Jean I Love Pocky Stamp by Lill-Devil-Melii Musical Theatre by SpongeBobSchwamKopf Choose - Stamp by Starrceline Born To Perform by PixieDust01 Obitine hug - Stamp by PurpleWillowTrees Friends Fan Stamp by PixieDust01 PS2 Stamp by PixieDust01 bubblewrap by pandoras-rose Random singing stamp for Krad by xDesert-Rosex Singing is Life Stamp by marbookworm22 Music Stamp by kilala30144 Drawing + Music by Torture-kun Stamp Thing -CONTEST ENTRY- by Mangafan22 Kingdom hearts Fan by Deedeekinz Thank You... by twisted-aya-brea Star Wars Party Hard Stamp by CassieCros13 Darth Vader Dance Stamp by CassieCros13 Lego BB-8 Stamp by CassieCros13 Anakin 'Is Still Good in Him' Stamp by CassieCros13 Star Wars Jek Porkins Stamp by CassieCros13 Yoda Dance Sequence Stamp by CassieCros13 Lord Vader Wants Pizza Stamp by CassieCros13 Acting by decors Han Solo I Ain't Even Mad Stamp by CassieCros13 The Last Jedi Poster Stamp by CassieCros13

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