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Daichi and Sachi

These two are from another one of my mangas: Love Sucks. They've been best friends since third grade. Daichi is in love with Sachi but is afraid of telling her and risking their wonderful friendship. Other than that one weakness (Sachi), Daichi is a punk in school and everyone, inclding teachers, are afraid of him. They all think he's crazy. Only Sachi and their friend Momo know that his tough persona is just an act. He's actually quite intelligent.
Now Sachi is sorta different but similar. She seems very nice at school but in reality has a pretty tough personality. She really cares about her friends and is a strong-willed person who can be sarcastic at times. Her family has a curse placed upon it that whenever a member of the family reaches the pinnacle of their love, both of the lovers die. Her parents died as soon as Sachi was born because of that. Thus Sachi has sworn to never follow their fate: She has cursed off love. That's why it's particularly difficult for Sachi when a boy in her class called Akira confesses his love for her. Even after she thoroughly rejects him, he doesn't give up and instead pledges to show Sachi what it's like to be in love.
After discovering his intentions, Daichi HATES Akira. Well, duh, he IS his romantic rival. But in the end, who will Sachi fall for??? HA ha, I LOVE romantic triangles like this!! XD
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Romantic triangles are lovely. Except when you're in one. X333

A lovely picture. So clean and cute. You have the most amazing style, seriously. ^-^ :glomp:

:gummybear: for youuuu!
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*uber-blush* Thank you so much! I try hard to keep my style improving. And yes, a part of me has always wanted to be in a love triangle but maybe it isn't fun. I dunno. ^____^
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Ahahahaha ooooooooh Punk rockers are so scary :o
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haha, yes...yes they definately are...O_____O I likies Daichi a lot though anyway!! ^______^
He's a stud that totally is NOT a stud, if you get what I mean.
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omg! Akira the one with the black hair? from the...cover of jens CD ? Epiphany ? :D eep and is this the one where ..she...well you knowe...doesnt end up with ..blah blah blah ? lol XD ...erg am i think of the right one...the one full of chibi's? >.<0 *sweat sweat*
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no, Akira is NOT that one. That dude would be Shane. These two are from Love Sucks. Shane, Lani, and Ty are from My So-Called Circumstances. It's okay...I suppose they are rather interchangable...ha ha! ^_______^ Let the dawning of comprehension embrace you.
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