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miraculous adventures: chameleon




Margaux Lacour







Feb 14






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Chameleon (Blanc) 


    Her miraculous is the gem of her choker. When she transforms, it becomes black. It slowly fades back to its original color (white) as she runs out of time. She immediately detransforms when it returns to being white.


    Ribbon stick (loosely based off of a chameleon tongue) - The ribbon can extend up to 20 ft. It’s extremely flexible and cannot be torn. She uses it to deflect things or wraps it around enemies. The ribbon has a special property that allows it to stay wrapped. For example, it could wrap around a pole and stick onto the pole, allowing Margaux to use the ribbon as leverage of some sort. There is a button on the handle that controls how much ribbon is out. Additionally, the handle of the stick is an audio communicator. 

communication using ribbon stick by chihaki ribbon stick by chihaki


  • increased speed

  • suit allows strong grip

  • ‘tail’ can wrap around things the same way that her weapon can

  • suit gives her extremely clear vision and the ability to zoom in on things in her vision, which imitates a feature that actual chameleons have

      tail by chihaki


Margaux is able to camouflage completely, which makes her invisible. Her weapons become invisible, too. Once she camouflages, however, she only has 5 minutes before detransformation. (She detransforms and un-camouflages at the same time.)

Margaux Lacour:
Around others, Margaux is usually quiet and affectionate. Margaux isn’t necessarily shy; she just keeps her distance with people. She lacks the courage to initiate conversation with strangers, and often withdraws in conversation despite her best efforts to keep it going. The closer she is to someone, the sassier and outgoing she is. In actuality, Margaux is spontaneous and loves to joke around. She tends to take things too lightly and procrastinates, making her irresponsible. When she fails, she can be impulsive and try to solve the problem, making it worse. (At this point, Queen usually needs to help her.) Margaux also falls easily to pressure. She dislikes it, but can’t help it because she wants to please others and has a good heart. She sometimes gets caught up in the heat of a moment and becomes extremely loud and social. She also has a tendency to talk to herself. 

When transformed, Chameleon is comfortable around everyone because she’s under a disguise, which gives her the opportunity to technically be a separate person. She’s incredibly outgoing and tries to be a role model. She feels as if there are no more responsibilities (except for fighting the akuma) when she is Chameleon. Although she tries her best to be a role model, the freedom that she gets when she's transformed allows her to be argumentative and show much more raw emotion than she typically does as a civilian. She is also extremely focused on the enemy, which can be harmful to her teamwork. She’ll be flustered if she does something wrong because she feels as if her mistake lets down the civilians. When she makes a mistake, she often reverts back to being quiet and a bit of her civilian personality slips through.

    Margaux was born in Paris (and is still in Paris). She grew up surrounded by opportunity, although she didn't open up to many of them. She had been introduced to piano at age five, but quit the following year because she found it annoying that she had to practice almost everyday. She then started rhythmic gymnastics and was certain that this was her passion, but she was young. When she was eleven, her parents convinced her to join a summer theatre program. She auditioned with no real intentions of getting a main, so she ended up with a chorus part. It was an exhausting experience for her, so she was reluctant to do it again next year. She continued theatre, however, for the next to years and learned to love the experience. The summer program had developed her voice and her confidence. The following summer, she auditioned for a lead and got it. Margaux had to work extremely hard to keep up with the responsibilities of the role, but it matured her and made her realize that music was important to her. The same year, she began to take ukulele lessons and developed a love and passion for music. Her devotion to rhythmic gymnastics had been shadowed by music, so she made a rash decision and quit, although it proved to be for the best because she began to take many musical courses and could not spare time for other programs.

    Now, she still holds the same passion of music, but has to balance her time between school, interests, and being a superhero.


  • Queen (kwami)

  • coffee

  • shopping/clothes

  • pale/pastel aesthetic

  • musical theatre

  • singing

  • friends

  • being transformed

  • cats

  • baking

  • baths

  • alternative music, mostly acoustic


  • sister wearing her clothes

  • peer pressure

  • exams

  • forgetting things

  • waking up late

  • not getting the role she wants

  • dark (she has a big fear of the dark)

  • swimming in the ocean

  • metal music; she’s quite narrow minded about listening to it


Kwami Name: Queen

Gender: Male


[ Sassy ] [ Flamboyant ] [ Humorous ] [ Sarcastic ] [ Feminine ] [ Caring ]

    Queen is a very supportive figure in Margaux’s life. He can be straightforward, but he usually does it with comedic intentions. He’s a laid-back kwami, but can always get things done for Margaux if she really needs him to.

History with Kwami:

Margaux saw the choker in a store. When she was checking out, the cashier said that it wasn’t one of the items that they were selling and didn’t even have a barcode, so she got it for free. Upon putting it on, Queen appeared.


Partner's Name: Eleanore Chapuis (nikkuri)
Miraculous Adventures: Astutus by nikkuri

History with Partner: 
written with nikkuri, so this part is the same on both of our applications
    Their first interactions were as civilians, since they go to the same school. As civilians, they both hated each other because Margaux had made their first conversation awkward and was rude by accident. In response, Eleanore began to ignore her whenever she tried to start up a conversation. As superheros, however, they met when Margaux, in her superhero form, was fighting an akuma. She fell off a high building and didn't have a fast enough reaction time, but Astutus (Eleanore's transformed version) saved her. After the fight was over, they became partners and Margaux slowly developed a crush on Astutus. Much later, however, they learned each other's civilian identities. After finishing a fight with one akuma, another one came and they were about to detransform. The akuma was a boy who, naively, had wanted to help the police and was rejected. The two had ended up in a flower shop from their previous fight and were then trapped when the akuma created prison bars to surround the shop. They both detransformed a few seconds later. They were shocked, but they still had to fight the akuma. There were edible flowers in the shop, so Queen ate them and Margaux was able to transform again. She used her weapon to grab the akuma's key and freed both of them. It was extremely hard for Margaux to understand that she had a crush on Astutus but hated Eleanore. Eventually, though, they made peace and became close as civilians, which blurred the lines between the relationships of their alter-egos. Margaux now has a crush on Eleanore, which means that she also has a crush on Astutus at the same time, as they are the same person. 


  • N/A - significant other

  • Queen - kwami

age (?), extremely close

  • Beau Lacour - father

age 45, close, art professor

  • Abella Lacour - mother

age 43, close, entrepreneur

  • Fleur Lacour- sister

age 12, close, student

  • Eleanore Chapuis - best friend, crush, former enemy bestfriendzoned lmao


  • Queen convinced her to make a twitter account for him and he pretends to be a real person on it :””))

  • she is extremely passionate about music and takes vocal lessons 3 days a week

  • can play the ukulele

  • used to do rhythmic gymnastics, but quit bc she wanted to focus on theatre and she couldn’t manage both at once

  • okay student, but she usually completes assignments late due to fighting akumas and being irresponsible about getting work done afterwards

  • she actually wears contact lenses bc her eyesight isn't that great

  • her tail is made out of the same material as the suit, not an actual tail, but more like a strap of material that functions as her tail 

  • she says "scales on!" when transforming unfortunately, it's similar to ladybug's bc i really couldn't think of anything more suitable ;;

  • Queen eats edible flowers

  • Queen typically stays in the pouch of her overalls

  • Margaux's speaking voice is generally very clear and feminine

base colors:
the thing on the waist is actually a solid color and the miraculous on her transformed version is supposed to be the same color as her choker
Unshaded by chihaki
higher qual:
margaux by chihaki
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aa im so sorry for the late reply but sure man !!! alyson is a cutie
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