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Tiny Shiny Dragon Ball by kakarotcakes ~Hey sweet people~ Tiny Shiny Dragon Ball by kakarotcakes

I'm the artist: ChigoSenpai

A bit about me:
Name or what I like to be called: Cheyenne Kimberly Snik is my real name and my nickname is Chigo!
Birthday: 11-09-1995 and I am 23 years old!
Country: The Netherlands/ Holland
Sex: Female
Sexual preference: Bi-Sexual, I find both genders absolutely gorgeous and attractive! ^^
Programs I use: Paint tool Sai and a Wacom Tablet Intuous and all I create is self-taught! :)
When did I start making Digital art?: 1 year and some months ago!

Extra info:
I'm a huge Dragon ball fan-girl since the moment I laid eyes on the fandom (I was like 7 years old back then..) and to be honest DB changed my life drastically. I always had been badly bullied in my earlier days and DB gave me the confident to come up for myself in tough times! Goku even motivated me to never give up on life! LOVE YOU GOKU!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!
As a matter of fact, it also motivated me to get my Black belts in Karate and Taekwondo to kick some bad peoples asses, haha

~If you want to know more about anything, feel free to ask me with a note~

~Other pages I'm on~

For mature/ NSFW content:

Commissions - Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

Check out my Journals! If interested ^^
Click the link below for my journal!


-Trades friends only
Trades - Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke
( or if I like your style I might want one O.o)

-I dont do requests or Collaborations
No Requests by SweetDuke No Collaborations by SweetDuke


My main Oc's! <----------------------------------------------------

DBZ Chigo VS a hot day! by ChigoSenpai

Chigo (Stands for Strawberry)

43 (physically 22)

5,4 ft, 163 cm


Planet of birth:

SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, (The first to develop the SSJ5 in the soon to be future!)

Alive relatives:
Goku/ Kakarot (older-brother)

Present stage of place:
5 years after the end of the Majin Buu saga, age 779

Considering everything that has happened to her in the past, Chigo can become quite aggressive, rude towards strangers. You have to earn her trust to be able to approach her friendly side. Once she accepts you, you will find out that she has a lovely personality. She is definitely not scared to bite back as she takes after the personality traits of her father (Bardock)

~ She is addicted to anything that is fast
~ She is one of the Z-Fighters
~ She knows almost all languages in the universe
~ She takes after her dad, including the scientific parts
~ Chigo is not considered a hero, this is mostly the reason why badguys feel attracted towards her
~ On earth Chigo is known by the humans, mostly because of her singing career.
~ Piccolo and android 18 are her besties as she spends most of her time with them, whenever she is not being forced to train with Vegeta (her mate)
~ Piccolo pulled off Chigo's tail after she went berserk for the first time in her life, she transformed into a Golden Oozaru and rampaged through 4 of the most populated cities on Earth.
~ Through a manipulaition with birth that almost killed her mother Gine in the process, transformed her eyes from pitch-black to dark blue instead. Same goes for the texture of her hair which is super sleek and soft instead of spiky (Saiyan trait)

Move list:
Chigo's best trait is known to be speed.

Click on the Thumbnail to check her ability list!
Scratch: Chigo's abilities by Mangal666 by ChigoSenpai

Click the Thumbnail for Chigo's fanfiction! -->

Want to RP and ask her Questions? Checkout her blog on Tumblr:

2nd: This is Genova (A new enemy)
Genova Final Form by ChigoSenpai
DBZ Genova: The Frigid Cold!
Known Forms
First form Second form Third form Final form 100% Power Ultimate Evolution/ Ultimate Form (as the picture shown above)
This is a DBZ - related story of Genova, the true king of the Arcosians/ Frost Demons!
Eons ago on a planet named Frost 78 there was a race called the Arcosians, ruled by a king under the name of Sub-Zero he had led his people into war, a war they won. However on the day of victory the king was not there to celebrate. He was fatally wounded during the war, and with limited time left he decided to spend his last dying breath with his two best students, Cold and Frigid. Sub-Zero told them “Cold, continue on your path and you will achieve greatness…” After those words left his mouth all

3th: This is Mayuubi (Chigo Absorbed by super Buu)
DBZ Mayuubi Enjoying some Icecream! by ChigoSenpai
DBZ Mayuubi by ChigoSenpai

Tiny Shiny Dragon Ball by kakarotcakes ~I hope you enjoy what I create!~ Tiny Shiny Dragon Ball by kakarotcakes


DBZ Is Still Awesome Stamp by tennyocelestia Dragon Soul Stamp by Dbzbabe Saiyans stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Forever a Fangirl by TakerTookMyToys
Dragonball GT fan button by Brinx-dragonball DragonBall Z Fan Button by ButtonsMaker League of Legends fan button by buttonsmakerv2

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Favourite Visual Artist
Victoria Francés. Maniaxoi
Favourite Movies
Van Hellsing, Xmen, TMNT, Horror, Action, Romance and Fantasy.
Favourite TV Shows
Games of Thrones, Vikings, but mostly I watch Anime :3
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Five Fingered Death Punch, Metallica, Unleash The Archers, Wardruna, Fabio Lione, Lindsey Stirling and more..
Favourite Books
Well.. The only things I read are fan-fiction, Manga and more of that.
Favourite Games
For Short A Lot~!! :Dragonball, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Ninja Gaiden, Bloodborne, Assasinscreed, Tekken, Doa, Shooters and more.
Other Interests
DBZ, writing fanfictions, Karate, Singing, Writing Fan-Fiction, Listening to music(Can't go without), Gaming like crazy much and making art :)
**Important message** I have a feeling that people don't understand what my Emergency Commissions were for, or what they are about. They were created because I was and still am in a Ditch. Being depressed is not something that fades away with 2 or 3 ...
Also a quick head-sup! My Emergency Commissions will be closing up soon! So if you still wish to have a cheap half body commission, hurry and ask me for one or two! While it's still possible! These are 20 euro's a piece! My normal half bodies already...
I got a nice Process Video for you guys and girls <3  give me a watch, while I color my artwork ^^

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Say, if you were to rename some signature techniques in DBZ, what would you name them?

Personally, Special Beam Cannon is Demon Drill Beam.

So much cooler...

ChigoSenpaiHobbyist General Artist

hm.... I would say... instead of Spirit Bomb, maybe do:

Sphere of Luminescence or Erasure of evil, I dunno xD

I'm dumb when it comes to renaming moves.. lol

How about "Sphere of Purity"? Because you have to be pure of heart to use it and it blows up evil

Hope all's going well on your end! I also hope Deviantart is gonna fix this bug where the page shoots to the very top when I try to type.

ChigoSenpaiHobbyist General Artist
Deviantart has been bugging, way too much lately, well... i have put some new news, on twitter and instagram, as I got assaulted irl and am in the progress of healing right now. My face is a mess. 

Good lord.. Well, I hope everything is going to go well from -this- point onwards then, best wishes. Make sure to reach out to anyone you trust if you need someone to talk to, 'kay?

ChigoSenpaiHobbyist General Artist

Will do Thank you!