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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

EDIT: Added bonus reward for repeat customers and lineart only option!

Here's now my new, up-to-date art commission information. Please read it through before you commission me. If you have any questions then send me a note, a private message. All contact privately!
I only draw and offer TRADITIONAL ART currently, drawn by hand and then scanned. Upon completing a commission I will ask if you want the non-watermark high resolution scan, I will send it to you but only once the total price has been paid in full. Everything will be signed by me, no exceptions. I will mostly draw on A4 sized paper.
If you want the physical, original drawing it can be arranged. Buyer pays for shipping fees along with eventual customs/import/whatnot fees (if buyer lives in a non-EU country). If I have to buy special protection that will be on the buyer as well, cardboard "sandwiching" and other recyclable options are free when available.

All finished commission artworks will be uploaded to my 'commission' gallery folder:…
I will always try my best to produce artwork both parts are satisfied with.

Repeat customers will, as of now, get a free secret drawing for every fifth (5) commission done! I want to reward trusty and dedicated buyers. :heart: By "secret" I mean that you get to choose the motif (character, style, theme, crossover, NSFW etc) but I will handle the rest so that it's a surprise! What option (as in sketch, markers etc) this free drawing is will depend on what options you have previously commissioned. Freebie will always be either similar or lower value to what the majority of your previous commissions (as in last five to unlock the freebie) have been; to have a chance to get a free colored pencil option for example, you need to have commissioned minimum three (3) of the same type in the last five commissions, four (4) if you want to be guaranteed for same type freebie! I keep the right to modify and/or end this offer at any moment but it is currently available for an unknown time.


● I only accept payment through Paypal for international customers. Buyer pays the fees.
• Prices will be listed in euro (€, EUR).
• Only real cash, no point commissions.
• Payment is made in two parts*

Payment is to be made up front (base price) after I have accepted your request but before I start working on it. I will NOT start working before receiving the base price payment, just to protect myself from people trying to get art for free. The final cost will be known once the commission is finished, as I charge per hour, and this second half must be paid before I upload and send you the finished artwork. Check the "how to commission me and terms of service" for more information at the end of this journal.

* = quick pencil sketches are the sole exception, these commissions will be paid completely up front. And if time limit is exceeded and the quick sketch becomes a pencil sketch, then the remaining price difference shall be paid after completion but before I hand it over.

I will draw:

● Manga/anime style humans/characters* (also with animal ears, tails, horns, pointy ears, wings etc)
● Original characters (picture reference/detailed description is obligatory)
● Animal/mascot characters such as Pokémon, My Little Pony, Digimon etc.
● Chibi style characters (super deformed, with big head and small body)
● Semi-realistic humans/characters
● Dragons and fantasy beings
● Landscapes, animals, ships, objects etc (ask me!)

* = I am more experienced at drawing males than females. Oh, and my specialty is drawing characters dressed in traditional Japanese clothing (kimono), but I can draw other clothing too of course.

I likely will draw:

● Gore, bloody scenes*
● Nudity**
● Fetishes***
● Sexy and teasing art, hetero and HBTQ+ pairings, some NSFW stuff etc
● Short comics

* = I will draw things like battle scenes, death, severed arms/legs etc. No visible or spilling organs!
** = No visible genitals, regardless of gender. Upper body nudity is fine.
*** = Depends on what fetish it is. Just ask me beforehand to make sure if I will draw it or not.

I will not draw:

● Mecha, big robot stuff
● Zombies
● Sex act portrayals (penetration etc)
● Racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist or otherwise offensive art

Don't be afraid to inquire if I will draw what you have in mind! I'm a very open-minded person. :)

Please respect if I don't want to draw something, sometimes I might turn down a request simply because I know that I lack the skills/knowledge to draw it to satisfaction. It's nothing personal to you if I turn your request down, I promise.


• Quick pencil sketch
Set price 5€
Info: This is the cheapest option I offer and the only one with a set price. Quality varies but will generally be rather rough and sketchy, like a sketch usually is. The difference between this option and the "pencil sketch" option below is that these quick sketches are just that, quick - meaning that the time spent on doing one shall not exceed 1 hour and, if it does, then the commission automatically changes into a "pencil sketch" commission instead.

<da:thumb id="802661390"/>
<da:thumb id="282530923"/> <da:thumb id="803079266"/><da:thumb id="806295061"/>
[more examples coming later]

• Pencil sketch
Base price 2€ + 6€ per hour
Info: basically the default sketch option. These sketches can be semi-detailed, detailed or a fifty-fifty with cleaner and more detailed character/object but with a rough background, for example. Generally will not take more than 1-3 hours to complete as the nature of a sketch is to be, well, a rough drawing. The "pencil sketch" and "quick pencil sketch" options are rather interchangeable and the main defining factor is time spent, meaning that a pencil sketch can't become a quick sketch, but a quick sketch can become a pencil sketch.

<da:thumb id="302286442"/><da:thumb id="802655441"/>[more examples coming later]

Inked lineart
Base price 5€ + 8€ per hour (10€ per hour after exceeding 4 hours)
Info: This is literally just the inked lineart only. No coloring, except for simple depth and shadows added wherever needed with classic "criss-cross" style, although this can be omitted if the commissioner wants just a flat lineart. Can be a sketchy style or a clean style, you decide. Often without background but can do with background as well. Generally speaking shouldn't take so long to complete but this will depend on what the commission is.

<da:thumb id="810693391"/>[more examples coming later]

Inked lineart + black & white pencil coloring
Base price 7€ + 8€ per hour (10€ per hour after exceeding 4 hours)
Info: generally clean art but I can do a more rough style if wanted, tell me in advance if you'd prefer a more sketch-like style. Can do with or without background, also simple background available. In terms of overall quality this option doesn't really differ from the colored counterpart below, it's just that all "colors" are done in grayscale using basic pencils.

[examples coming later]

Inked lineart + colored with markers
Base price 8€ + 8€ per hour (10€ per hour after exceeding 4 hours)
grayscale markers: Base price 9€ + 8€ per hour (10€ per hour after exceeding 4 hours)
Info: Same as the option below except colored with markers instead of wooden pencils. I don't have as much experience using markers as opposed to pencils, hence the slightly lower base price. I have really limited colors on markers (10 colors, not counting grayscale set) currently. Marker commissions might be cheaper as they could, depending on the difficulty of the request, be quicker to complete because of the difference in coloring.

<da:thumb id="804710329"/><da:thumb id="806297219"/><da:thumb id="818005723"/>[more examples coming later]

Inked lineart + colored with wooden pencils
Base price 10€ + 8€ per hour (10€ per hour after exceeding 4 hours)
watercolor pencils: Base price 13€ + 8€ per hour (10€ per hour after exceeding 4 hours)
Info: the default "full set" commissions. The more complex and detailed the artwork, the longer it will naturally take to finish. Can do with or without background, also simple background available. My typical drawing style is very "highlighty" and stylized (with manga/anime characters in particular) but I can draw and color in a more realistic way as well. Expect a medium detailed commission to take 5 hours or more to complete, from start to finish.

<da:thumb id="353062710"/><da:thumb id="324240182"/><da:thumb id="361669064"/><da:thumb id="810698130"/>[more examples coming later]

Note: Many of the examples (the manga style ones) currently up are old and mainly used as placeholder examples until I get new stuff up. Working on getting more variety and examples up soon!

Questions and Answers

Q: How long will it take for you to finish a commission?
A: The time it takes for me to start working on and complete a commission depends on many factors and I can not give you a set completion date/time, but I do try to finish commissions within a month. I can not force myself to draw if I'm not in the mood or if there's something else keeping me busy, so please do not stress me about it. I am just a student and I do commissions as a side activity for extra income when I have time. I've also been struggling with mental illness for most of my life so please, please be considerate about the time I might need. I will do the commissions in the order they were originally placed, but I might do quicker commissions (sketches mainly) between/before finishing more complex ones. I will inform you if there's any delays. You can generally expect sketches to be completed in a short time.

Q: Can I trust you to charge me for the true amount of working hours that the commission actually took?
A: Of course. I would only hurt my business, image and my reputation by not following my own rules. Once I start work I will log the time it takes (excluding breaks) to keep track of how many hours I have spent so far. I will only charge for the actual work hours and when I'm done I will tell you how many hours it took in total. Friendly reminder that I will not rush or half-ass to finish the commission if the commissioner suddenly decides that the time spent went over their expectations, budget or what they were willing to pay; I can do payment plans for that. If a commission takes like 4,5 hours to complete then I will charge for the 30 minutes as well, half of what a full hour would cost (3-5€).

Q: I want something that's not on the list, what do I do?
A: Tell me what you have in mind. I can do combinations of the different options (for example sketch with black markers instead of pencil etc) and I can also do watercolors, acrylics, oil paintings and mixed media but those need some preparation and will be much more expensive because of material costs, time spent etc, especially if on canvas and if you want it sent to you physically. I will only do smaller canvas works for now. Feel free to send inquiries!

Q: Okay, I got the commission artwork. What am I allowed to do with it?
A: You can use it freely for your own personal use; print it out and frame it on your wall or something, I don't care too much what you do with it as long as you respect these few important points below.

• Do not claim that you have drawn it yourself because, surprise, you have not and people will find out.
• Do not use the commissioned artwork for your own personal gain (read: make profit out of it) or for commercial purposes, selling, copying etc.
• Do not modify it in any way without my permission. This includes erasing my signature or any watermarks, if applicable.
• Do not re-upload or spread the commissioned artwork without crediting me and linking back to this journal.

Q: I think your prices are too expensive. I can buy art for 5$ elsewhere, why don't you lower your prices?
A: This is a huge issue within the artist community and talented people are selling themselves short just to please customers who don't understand that art is not free and doing art is a job like any other. Period. I value my own art, time and effort I put into making it and so should you. Please don't ask me to lower my prices, that's rude and inconsiderate. If you think I'm too expensive then gladly look somewhere else, I'm not falling for the pressure anymore.

How to commission me and terms of service:

If you're interested in commissioning me please send me a note (or email if no deviantArt account) stating what kind of commission you're interested in, preferably in the title. Be very clear with what you want and if you want something specific then do describe it in detail; don't assume that I can see into your mind. I do expect a front, a back and preferably also a side reference picture for maximal accuracy of what I'm supposed to draw if it's a character, person, specific object or some such. If you want me to draw an OC (Original Character) and you have no references then just a description is fine!
I reserve the right to either charge extra or refuse to do any major changes (as in having to redo a considerable amount or even starting over) to an already post-sketching stage artwork, if the commissioner was unclear/unspecific with what they wanted and/or changed their mind after work was started. So please do send generous references, describe the poses you want etc because trust me, it saves me the frustration of not being a mindreader and the anxiety of not knowing what exactly you want... and thus potentially drawing the wrong thing which ultimately leads to wasting both my time and your money. Savvy? :)

By commissioning me you agree to pay the full price of the artwork in two payments (except for the quick sketch, which is one payment). The base price up front, before I start work, and the cost of total hours spent before I send/show you the final commissioned artwork. Between these two payments you will generally get one (1) work-in-progress photo that you get to approve before I ink the lineart and finalize it, according to your chosen option. In some cases I will send multiple work-in-progress photos, mainly for complex drawings or if specifically requested. WIPs will not be sent out for any quick pencil sketch commissions as they are done in one short sitting, unless it's a very special case. WIPs are generally not given for the pencil sketch commissions either, although exceptions can likely happen depending on certain factors like difficulty and time spent.

I will start on commissions as they come, meaning that I am not waiting until all five (5) slots are filled before I close and get to work. The slots are just there as a limit that I will only take five commissions at most during the same time.

Thank you for your interest. :heart:

Commission List

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
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Okay, so I haven't been active on deviantArt for years. I've had nothing to really post, that's why. And too much stress about literally everything.
I dunno if anyone even remembers me nor cares anymore but if you used to follow me because of my cosplays (Bleach, Hakuouki etc) I want to tell you to please go follow my cosplay blog (link can be found on my deviantID if you scroll down) instead, if you haven't already, as I have just now deleted all my cosplay content from deviantArt and there will not be any more uploaded here from now on. The simple reason for this is that it's too much of a hassle with the different watermarks and I'd rather have all things neatly focused in one place, namely on the blog (which has been running since late 2011).

With that said from now on my deviantArt will be purely dedicated to my art. I have no other place for it and I always uploaded artwork to deviantArt so it feels natural to continue here. This also means that yes, I will soon start up art commissions again (if anyone cares lmao) but I will completely rewamp my art commission journal as it's horribly outdated by now. I sadly haven't been drawing for years because of massive art block and because I've been struggling with mental illness for like forever (same reason I have little to no new cosplay content either, tbh) but I do plan to start again. Slowly. Hopefully.

Thank you for your support and understanding. :heart:
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Find me here!

2 min read
Hello cosplay fans! :iconukitakeplz:
I've written a detailed post about my popular old Jushiro Ukitake cosplay from Bleach. The post includes WIP photos, old cosplay pics, heart-warming con stories, a creepy coincidence and a tale of escaping death. Read it here: My Ukitake cosplay story

Hello everyone!
Just a quick note in case someone missed it earlier – I am not very active in here anymore, sadly. I've mostly moved over to be on Facebook, Blogger and such. I might still post artwork here but to see my cosplay stuff I really recommend you follow/like me on the sites linked below instead. ;)

:facebook: Facebook Cosplay Page!
:twitter: Twitter!
World Cosplay!
Lifestyle / Personal Blog!

I will still post some occasional art stuff here whenever I get around to it but really, don't expect cosplay content anymore. I just feel like deviantArt is not as active as it used to be when I first got here and yeah, I want to limit where I post my cosplay stuff so that it's not spread all over the place with different watermarks and such. Thanks for understanding and I hope you'll follow me over at Facebook and my blogs!

Thanks for reading! :heart:
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EDIT: I'd really recommend everyone to follow my cosplays over at my Facebook cospage! I'm a lot more active there than what I am on deviantArt. ^^; In dA I nowadays only post a selected few photos from cosplay photoshoots so if you want more updates along the way (progress, cosplay plans etc) then please turn your gaze to my FB cosplay page and give me a like ~

Hello everyone!

I've finally made a cosplay page over at Facebook! Everyone interested please go ahead and like me over there to keep track of my cosplay adventures, frustrations and successes! :heart:…

Also this is a bit early but I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone! :la:
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Hello everyone! :heart:

Just wanted to give a heads up and say that you can find me over at World Cosplay now! I finally (re)joined!
My account is still not quite complete; I haven't fixed the profile cover yet but I'll do it when I can!

I'm over here! -->

For now just enjoy my cosplays! :D
Feel free to follow me if you have an account over there as well, it would be greatly appreciated ~ :la:
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