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I have a new art blog!

If you're on tumblr, follow me! I'll be posting almost exclusively art or directly art-related things, no personal ramblings or anything like that.
Hello watcher-people :D Check it:

The prologue and first chapter of my webcomic are up~ I'm going to be updating it on a chapter-by-chapter basis, so the next chapter won't be up for another couple months. I'll try to remember to post on here when it is though.

Hello Deviantart. It's been a while :)

If anyone who I used to be friends with still watches me, I'd like to apologize for disappearing off the internet for the past couple years. My life took some turns that made me not able to include as much art-making as I would've liked, and I drifted away from the Deviantart community on top of that. However, I am starting to focus much more on my art now and would like to work on rebuilding my internet presence :D

Main among my current endeavors is the start of my webcomic! Very soon it will live at, and I am currently (very tentatively) planning to post it in one-chapter chunks. I'll be posting some teaser images of it on here soon, and the first chapter will be up sometime before the start of 2013 :) I'll try to keep my account here more updated.

Til next time!