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That backround is gorgeous!
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Wow!! I Love this!! ♡.♡ killua is so cute!!
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omg the reflection and everything is so beautiful and it really sets to mood i love it!!!
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wow! i love it!!! Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5] 
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Wow the colour is so pretty and the different shades of pink contributes really well to the perspective and 3D effect. Amazing! :D
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It's spelt Killua.

Sorry, no hate. I love the picture so much!! Killua's my favorite charrie! XD The feathers are great!
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i agree you must spell his name properly because he is SO AWESOME
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YAASSSSKillua Eye Emoticon Killua Hit Gon Emoticon Killua Throw Towel Over Shoulder Emoticon Killua smirks Killua Look Over Emoticon Killua Throw Pillow Emoticon Killua Annoyed Emoticon 
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I just wish HunterxHunter was real soooo badly happy cry XD Killua - Sigh (Hunter x Hunter) Killua 4 
xX-Wolvenhyde-Xx's avatar
Me too~ I mean, really, this life sucks! People are so uncreative!!! We need a society where we can live like life was an anime!! T^T I'm working on a choose your own adventure HunterXHunter story thing, it'd be awesome if I could get this to be a huge group project. It'd be done so much faster~ And then people could read/play like if they lived in HXH~ T^T
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and if we all had anime agility we would be unstoppable....probably why humans dont have any cool things about them like cats and dogs and animals do....
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You did a very good job..... Nice pic!!
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This is so beautiful!
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This is soo well done!
He looks so cool and ruthless!! I AM DEFINITELY FANGIRLING OVER THIS!! 8D
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Wah that looks so aweeeeeessoooooommmmmee

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This is just...... amazing!
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Many thanks! :)
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Heaps of your-welcomes =P
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