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Standard RPG races, Male

By chief-orc
Hey guys! Long time, no upload. I'll probably be opening the shop for a few commissions in the near future, so, stand by for that if you're interested.

One thing I've been thinking about is nailing down some of the more standard D&D player races in my style. I doodle far more then I should at work, so I've been scrawling these out. I should have a female lineup soon.

I have far more thoughts on fantasy people then I should, so just ignore the following nonsense opinions.

I left out a few important ones like half-elves and gnomes, but I just don't care enough about those guys. Maybe I'll do an amendment later, but I think this lineup covers most of the essential bases of a group of fantasy people. Halflings are nimble and mischievous, dwarves are stout and sturdy, elves and graceful and aloof and half-orcs are bruisers, while humans are the base template all these races are extremes of.
I like the variety of people available in D&D, and hate less unique races like Shadar-kai and Kalashtar, that are just humans, but kind of a different color. That's lazy design! Gimme some variety, make 'dem different shapes!

I know halflings are currently portrayed as having human proportions, but, I kinda hate that. I like to take them the more "lean Hobbit" direction. Also, orcs should be green. I know WotC loves their grey orcs, but fuck all of that.

Standard female races
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Ya know, if you put this lot in Star Wars costume they'd fit in with the Rebels of the Ghost.
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Wow. They look brilliant. :)
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Nice and clean trace. 
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Great work, btw I love the way that half orc looks, but it makes me think, how does a full orc look in comparison in your style?
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I love this!
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Man, this totally makes me wanna play d&d!
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I agree with everything you just said. I'm sorry, but orcs will always be green to me. Same goes for trying to make them look like were-pigs.

The extremely-near-human phenomenon was a great contributor to why I never got into The Old Republic MMO. Rodians, Ithorians, Wookies, Trandoshans, ect. Nope! If it wasn't human you couldn't just spill paint on, forget about it! They might as well had just done away with race selection and just had you given humans a big color pallet and a tab that said "features", like horns and antennae.

I love your halflings and agree that they shouldn't have humans proportions.
"Oh they wouldn't be able to swing a sword-" Don't give me that! Its a halfling sword, its specialized armor. Don't tell me NOW your suspension of disbelief is gone.

Great things about Everquest 2. You wanted your Fairy decked out in full plate armor, swinging a battle-axe while still hovering in the air on butterfly wings, you got it.
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Good looking races there!

Esp like the Half-Orc- nice tusks. Though at my gaming table that would be an Orc as I prefer no half breeds.
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I always figured Gnomes came from Dwarfs who realized that Halflings are better cooks than dwarf women.

And I still want to make a lot of money so I can hire you to illustrate my Orc RPG.  :)
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I would play the hell out of an orc RPG ;)
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Loved the pictures!

As a Pathfinder Partisan, I'd like to point out that the Pathfinder Companionpaints a way more intresting picture for gnomes than for halflings ("Gnomes of Golarion" & "Halflings of Golarion").
That aside the changes in the crunch side of both races.

Keep on the good work :)

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Yes, Orcs should always be green.

Side note: I love it when you pump out DnD stuff :D
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Kalashtars are quite unique - under the skin is something alien, the look is not all..
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Can't wait to see the female line-up.
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For what it's worth, I love halflings depicted as lean (or sometimes not so lean) hobbits.
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Now that's what a half orc should look like. It would be hilarious to see even hairy version of it also. Shag rug chest!
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I love the designs. I agree about the halflings. Pathfinder makes them more hobbit like. I also hate the "special human" races. It is just lazy design. Like star trek aliens.
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Excellent! Glad I've got the Cathto seal of approval ;) Star Trek aliens are kinda dull, but they work for the medium they are represented in, since actors are what you have to work with, they all have to be "actor shaped." But, in a world that exists in a world of descriptions and drawings, designing a race that say, looks just like people but is bald and purple, is fucking lazy!
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And whose cultures are amalgams of existing human cultures that easily mesh with existing human groups. Give it some thought, please.
I also tend to discount gnomes. They just seem a little too silly, and don't have a niche of their own. They are an overlap race for people who don't want to commit to dwarves, elves or halflings. Whenever I make a campaign world they are the first race I discard.
I've never viewed half-elves as a race, more as the odd individual. They shouldn't be that common. That's one of the many things I disliked about Eberron, making half-elves an independent race. Doesn't make sense to me.
Also, happy birthday for a few days ago.
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Yeah, WotC doesn't really seem to know what it wants to do with gnomes. Are they illusionist tricksters? Little nature spirits? Halflings 2.0? I've always liked the idea of tinker gnomes, but since there really hasn't been any solid balance for artificery rules in D&D, there hasn't been a need for an entire race of artificers.
I have nothing against half elves, I just didn't feel like drawing any, they don't really interest me that much. I didn't know there was an entire culture of them in Eberron, sounds like a pretty exclusive club.
And thanks for the birthday wishes :)
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In Eberron half elves were a race that bred true. So were half orcs. You'd think that if this were the case they would have come up with a nane for their race that didn't make them sound like mongrels.
Tinker gnomes are fun, but the whole gnome thing just seems a little too "surplus to requirements" in a fantasy setting that is overcrowded with sentient races as it is.
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You know I've always been curious about half-orcs. Are there guys really crazy enough to go out there and get it on with orc chicks?
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Actually a trend is to make orcs less stereotypal, and in Eberron, somes are actually born of love, or at least interests...
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