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just for a while by chid0 just for a while by chid0
I got tagged by atorife to provide some info on Sarah (or Sahi'Ra) - thought I might aswell draw her on that occasion.
But honestly, there isn't that much backstory for her to speak of. She came to be all the way back in 2002 inspired by a pendant I got as a gift from my grandmother. Her story isn't developed too deeply; basically she's a member of a shapeshifter black goo alien species that covertly infiltrated humanity at several points in history. Left behind and with no memory of who (or what) she is, she gets picked up by and eventually ends up joining a military unit that researches the aliens. She's stuck in human form since she can't remember what she really is, all she can do is produce those weird-looking tattered wings. They are of course utterly useless; she can't fly or anything - despite her unit trying to teach her and one occasion coax her to form a functional pair by shoving her off a cliff... all in good humor though. I kept a diary for her for about a year since my own life was too boring for it and I wanted to keep one.
Sadly, I lost the pendant a couple of years ago.

More pictures of her:
lost diaries II by chid0    things I've been by chid0    someday by chid0

aaaand I'm tagging Tabashi and her Shirruu, Flameshadow117 and Fenna, and VCR-WOLFE and Dante.
Salanta Featured By Owner May 24, 2018
I really like the coloring in this one, and the mix between strong lines and sketch lines. :)
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