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By chid0
Zoe got that longboard in order to make her way around uni quicker, but she was so embarassed at first that she only went for rides around the campus at night. By now she rides it across town regularly - picking up Ozzy (noone calls him Ozymandias anymore, not even Zoe herself) from the publishing headquarters where she keeps him. Dogs are against dorm policy. Ozzy isn't lonely there, since Reg basically lives in the office anyway.  
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she's so cute! Awesome job with the dreads, the plaster is a really nice little touch too Heart 
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Perfektní kresba. :)
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diky! Cas od casu se povede, kez by casteji :]
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I love it! She's so real. Is this from the same sci fi story with the genetic experiment girl? Or is she an actual person?
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It's extremely flattering to me having you asking if it's an actual person ^^ She's not, I made her up. Yes she's from the same story :] A friend of Sam the pink-haired girl from earlier (not far enough) and a fellow human rights activist. She studies graphic design and layouts the indie magazine Sam runs. She's a minor character but so much fun to draw.
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Another well done animal, I'm starting to doubt that the cat was accident after all...

And the girl looks likable to me.
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I'm surprised about that dog myself, to be honest. It's drawn during a lecture, without reference at hand, and I don't even like dogs. In fact, Zoe here kind of embodies a lot of things I don't like myself (being likeable is one of them), but I still value her and I love to draw her. Stories can't be always full of people (and dogs) the author likes, after all.
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She sounds like a great character, this is a lovely sketch.  
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Thank you! She's a darling, and so enjoyable to draw. I'm glad I've done her justice with this sketch ^^
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longboard girl :) love this one!
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I didn't even know she had one until I drew her and it dawned on me that yes she totally does - goes to show that this is the best way to discover ones characters, by drawing them and letting them decide :D
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She seems really adorable!
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Oh yes she is ^^ A bit awkward but a total darling.
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Oh I am fond of her ^^ glad to see her around again!
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I'm glad you like her ^^ I love to draw her, but I keep putting her birthmarks in different places each time I do - she has so many XD
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