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Lesi Ukrajinky 56 - one of the rare 16-storey buildings of Pripyat. The climb to the roof was worth it; revealing the block houses jutting out amidst what is now mostly forest. Every house in the city had a plaque inside, close to the entrance, listing all the inhabitants of the unit. We went through it, after having wandered around a substantial portion of the 127 flats... and discovered that two people who were immediately involved in the accident lived both at this address.
Владимир Павлович Правик; flat number 45 - a young firefighter; and among the first attending to the immediate aftermath of the explosion. He died 15 days later due to acute radiation poisoning. And - a few floors above him, at 94 - the SIUR trainee Виктор В. Проскуряков. Some sources claim he was the one shining a flashlight into what remained of the reactor hall; suffering severe radiation burns as a result. He died a few days later; on the 17th.
Two unrelated people, under the same roof, bound together for eternity by virtue of being there when it happened.

Немедленно послал  А. Кудрявцева  и  В. Проскурякова  в центральный зал вместе 
с операторами опускать стержни вручную.  Ребята побежали.  
Я  сразу  же  понял  абсурдность  своего распоряжения  - раз стержни не идут в 
зону  при  обесточенных муфтах, то  не пойдут  и  при вращении  вручную. И что  
показания реактиметра -  вовсе не показания.  Выскочил  в  коридор,  но ребята  
уже скрылись.

 Бывший зам. главного инженера Анатолий Дятлов
     Украина, Киев, 1995 г

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