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Severus Snape, Sex God

One of the first drawings I ever did of Snape, and still one of my favourites. I suppose it's somewhat of a retaliation against the Priapic!Snape of HP fandom infamy.

Ink and watercolour.
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this is freakin awesome!
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XDDDDDD Cute :D So looks so...... hot... O.o
'cause genius is still sexy as hell, no matter the package. 
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HAHAHA! the sex god indeed. I love this. There is just too many pictures drawn by fans, where snape really IS good looking. I always find that ruining the character.
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Really? I always (even as a child) imagined him as being reasonably attractive--just not well-groomed.
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oh? That's funny. I always figured his looks was never his gratest sellingpoint. Books always leave room for everyone to imagine things differently :)
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Yeah, definitely!! I mean, I never imagined him as a model or anything lol but like he could be pretty attractive if he put a little more effort in. But I think most people are like that--there aren't many legitimately unattractive people in the world, IMO. I mean, some people are definitely unattractive, but it's not like it's in their DNA to be ugly, in most cases. They just let themselves be unattractive. I think pretty much anyone has the potential to be at least decently attractive; it just takes more effort for some than others. And Snape puts basically zero effort into his appearance 😂😂
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Agreed. I can only point out that part of attractivines comes from inside. If you have that so called "twinkle in your eyecorners" (lol, try to imagine Snape having twinling eyes and charming selfconfidence), you can make anyone smile to you like a brainless idiot.
I always wondered if Snape actually washed his hair or not... And I bet he felt himself very comfortable and fine in those black capes, that in books made him look like "an overgrown bat".
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Oh, definitely!!! Physical appearance only does so much for a person. (Haha I'm sure he could be charming if he wanted to be...he might be faking it, but he could do it. He is a Slytherin, after all).
One theory I've seen is that he actually does wash it, but it looks greasy because of all the potion fumes (and genetics play a role, too, of course). Kinda like how someone who works fast food might end up kinda greasy.
Oh, definitely. I mean, black is generally a flattering color lol though even that depends slightly on skin tone. I definitely feel attractive in black. And the capes could be very mysterious, and mysterious can be very attractive.
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You can nail that!
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That nose. <3 It's all in the nose. <3 (And the fantastic grumpy gloom-and-doom expression. XD) Love it!
LOL, this is wonderful, though it is based on a rather superficial interpretation of canon.
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I lalalalove this!
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This is wonderful.
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I love this so much.
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I have no words to describe how much I like it.
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Nearly a decade after you first drew this, it still makes me smile. Thanks so much, chicxulub.
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One of MY favorites too -- thank you for creating it!
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