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Rejected Epilogue for HP7

It can't have occurred to me alone.
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I LOVE your Remus! He's SO CUTE!!!:fangirl: Werewolf Howl  And Sirius (That is him, right?) is funny too!OMG MOAR POEMS!  The rest are nice as well but their my favorites in this piece! :happy: 
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This made me ROFLMAO
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hahaha didnt think of that!
that. is. amazing.
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AHAHAHHA. This never occurred to me.

soooo awkward. tehehe.
SOOO GOOOD. I just finished reading DH.
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This is fantastic! XD Oh Snapey.
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Ooh heavenly awkwardness lols
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i like james' face. ;P
oh, my heart hurts when I see that "please don't reject me now"-expression on Snape's face... I get the feeling he will be rejected...

I think one reason why Snape is my favourite charachter in the HP-series is because he is so contradictory. I don't think it makes sense that anyone could sacrifice so much for someone he hates (I mean for Harry) just because of a memory. He was not trusted or liked within the Order... and if he was trusted or liked by any of the Death Eaters, it would probably just make his betrayal of them more difficult. It doesn't make sense for someone to be so petty, spiteful and arrogant at the same time as he is noble, self-sacrificing and unsure of himself... Sometimes in the books he appear really stupid, and sometimes very intelligent and cunning.

I guess another reason I like Snape is that I kind of recognize myself in the lonely, bookish and socially inept teenager. Hmm. I have been rambling a lot about Snape now! guess I am a bit obsessed... Anyway, your art is wonderful! Funny, good technique, a lot of feeling and character!
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You've pretty much summed up perfectly why Snape is one of my favourite characters in Harry Potter too :) Thats an excellent character review you have there :)
...he's In heaven, and he's STILL rejected?? ;__;
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In heaven, souls are no longer confined by the constraints of the physical human body and mind; they are able to experience love infinitely, and can infinitely love each and every other. There is no jealousy nor loss, as each soul is fully open to love, and experiences love to the fullest.

Or, just imagine it like this:

Lily: Don't worry, boys. (replicates like an amoeba) There's enough of me to go around!

lol this is so cute especially SNAPE!
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I like that idea; all the sadness, jealousy, hatred and pain is gone and all that's left is love and forgiveness. That or James and Sirius finally give Severus a heart-felt apology (most likely because Remus forces them too) and begin the process of forgiveness and healing (they've got the rest of eternity, it's not like they're in a hurry.) I was just thinking James, Lilly and Severus have a threesome/three-way relationship but Lilly replicating herself works too.
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Except Lily merely tolerated Snape when she was alive.  I got the sense she was looking for an excuse to break things off with hm for years, but was too tenderhearted to let him know that.

Even before Hogwarts she didn't seem that dear of a friend. 

Lily:  How is your day going?
Snape:  My dad beat me again.
Lily:  Hmm... [changes the subject]
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That was lovely! What a fantastic description of heaven :)
OMG that's Remus?! :lol: I though some kind of devil xD And Snape's face is good- I think that he was waiting for the moment when he could die.
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lol thata amazing!
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...Snape's face. XD It's so... the style reminds me of those old Popeye (sp) Cartoons.

It is quite awkward. And cute. Like this --> ~8B
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:love: SO CUTE! Plus, it's really funny! This is the real epilogue!=D
Lol look at poor Remus!:P
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