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by Bokue

Impact (3.5) Eyesore ► Boring ► Fleeting interest ► Eye-catching ► Eye-gluing ► Blinding beauty + The focus on the painting is on the r...

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I cannot believe another year has passed, and so fast. Where did it go? So much has happened... I'm glad I kept a journal. The amount of work I have done is insane and yet it feels like I haven't done much? And at the same time this year felt like an eternity. Days felt like weeks, weeks like months, months like years. How is this possible? It's so weird; so surreal when you feel time stretches and compresses. Does time even exist?  

So I have spent the majority of this period working on Pokémon stuff (what a surprise), especially for my PMD group. I am a different, better person compared to who I was last year thanks to PKMN-S. 

Being in a position of "power" or "influence" or "authority" or "attention" or "responsibility" or whatever you want to call it has been really hard for me. I wasn't used to it; the pressure. Not to this level at least (even in college, and that was hard). I've been having a lot of toxic/false thoughts because of that. Writing these thoughts out and reasoning them out has helped me a lot because I know they are fake and when they are on paper they seem to exit my mind so I don't ruminate. They keep coming, though, but less and less and I'm now less vulnerable to them. I think they arise mainly from my own perfectionism and insecurities. The very trait that pushes me to improve also belittles me, go figure. Perhaps my mind uses self-deprecation as fuel. I also work a lot better when people doubt of me. It hurts my ego. And my ego wants to prove the "skeptics" wrong. The ego is a terrible fuel and adviser in general; a monster that if left unchecked will seize control. So far I haven't lost control and my skin is thicker, but I'm looking at other (more positive and reliable) sources of motivation.

On the bright side, this group helped me to be much more organized and productive. I didn't have a choice, really XP It was an adapt or perish situation. Organization took a lot more time than I predicted and I'm still perfecting my systems. (I've done so much progress.) I also learned and tried a bunch of new stuff, especially in animation and interactivity. I even created my greatest inventions yet: the NPC viewer and the synchronizer. So making more quality work; CHECKED. This one I feel like I passed with flying colours. I've painted a lot more scenery than before, which was one of my specific goals :D (Big Grin) I was able to meet and talk to a bunch of new artists as well, some of whom have inspired me. I was also able to help and inspire other artists, too. Made new friends, I guess? It's hard to tell over the internet. And definitely made a couple of enemies lol But haters gonna hate, y'know. You just gotta keep going. Anyways, getting more involved in the community; CHECKED.

Two things I couldn't do were making "original" stuff and striking a balance in professional/personal life. Meh, I consider everything that I do original. But I should start using my own intellectual properties... And I need to pay much more attention to my health. I'm young. If I become unhealthy now what will be in store for me when I'm older? It makes you think... So in this new period I'll keep improving myself to be the best I can be!

Period August 27, 2017 — August 25, 2018

(A product each ~8 hours* vs A product each ~2 days on last period)
*Not taking into account parts of animated paintings and concept design sketches.

Graphics: +907 (84.69%) (I only produced 3 last period)
Busts/Full-bodies: 33 (3.08%)
Icons:                778 (72.64%)
Other:                 96 (8.96%)

Illustrations: 144 (13.45%) +45.45% ⬆⬆⬆ against last period 
w/ scenery BG: 95  (8.87%) +375% I am a dummy!
w/ abstract BG: 40 (3.73%) +5.26%
w/ plain BG:      9   (0.84%) -78.05%

Comic pages: 6 (0.56%) -89.29% ⬇⬇⬇ against last period

Animations: 7 (0.65%) no changes
Complex: 5 (0.47%) +150% (1h 46m 8s = ~424 comic pages) I am a dummy!
Simple:    2 (0.19%) -60%

Interactive Content: 8 (0.75%) +800% ⬆⬆⬆ against last period I am a dummy!
Complex: 2 (0.19%) +200%
Simple:   6 (0.56%) +600%


Has anyone tried the XP Pen tablets? I'm thinking of switching to those seeing as Wacom's aren't affordable right now. Huion tablets are cheap but bad according to the reviews I've seen so far.
The amount of reposted art on instagram is... scaaaaaary. Hope you're having a good spooky month, eh!
DeviantART's GUI colour should be black. I've noticed that comics and paintings here don't look as cool or stand out as much in this greenness (or brightness) as in other sites like some tumblrs I've seen, for example. Contrast is important because without it there's no meaning. The eyes should be directed to the art after all. Besides, black feels more chill, doesn't it? WIX make it happen.
Look at the gem I found through Empoh.
Storiel They are a talented artist from Russia and their backgrounds are quite the sight!

It's hard to pick a favourite but I think this one is my fave:
moony by Storiel  which is ironically, backgroundless, I know.

They paint mostly furry art if you're interested in check them out.
Proof of talent:
summary 2017 by Storiel


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