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by Bokue

Impact (3.5) Eyesore ► Boring ► Fleeting interest ► Eye-catching ► Eye-gluing ► Blinding beauty + The focus on the painting is on the r...

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"We live in a specialized world and therefore only specialized workers thrive."
I've heard that quite a few times and I think it's completely ridiculous.

Having diversified workers is not only cheaper (see indie dev teams) but it also gives companies more capacity to adapt to different situations. Not to mention these workers tend to be very creative, disciplined and independent. Having a jack-of-all-trades on board is like having a wild card on your hand.

Besides, being specialized in a certain area doesn't mean you don't have to learn to do multiple tasks. I think we actually live in a world where everything is related. And companies don't need the "best" to create things that society can enjoy, especially in the entertainment industry.

Both specialized and diversified workers have a role and depends on the people in charge to use them wisely according to the situations the companies face.
After 9 months, my child is about to be born! :D
Have you ever had this problem with your Wacom tablet/pen?
Wacomplz by chicoARTS Wacomplz2 by chicoARTS
The ink flow randomly cuts off as if it didn't recognize pressure or something.
OMG I think I found a good alternative to DeviantART. A site that has a group feature <3 It even has "primitive" subfolders.

I still like DA btw (not cheating on you, babe), but seems quite promising and I've already seen some nice art there~)

The best way to describe the site is a combination of DA, twitter, instagram, tumblr, amino, youtube, discord, and patreon; with some game elements on top. It's as if this site actually took the best things from each one.

⭐ Groups (better than pixiv's)
⭐ You can post images, GIFs and videos* (MP4, AVI, WEBM)
⭐ There's a chat function inside the groups so you can talk as you post!
⭐ You can show/hide replies so that allows you to establish a content hierarchy (folder name > art uploads > comments to said art) and browse easier**.
⭐ Mobile version
⭐ Advertises itself as an ideologically impartial platform.

★ It's still in beta***.
★ You might have to sign up to see most features (like the image/video/blog/group feeds)
★ No favourite/bookmark function**** (only thumbs-up/down and reblogs)
★ No related content of other artists (only OP's)
★ No native PDF support (there are blogs instead)
★ No native SWF, FLV support.*
★ No native WAV, MP3 support.*

*Up to 15 minutes. Is there a size limit? However, it lets you embed stuff (i.e. much longer youtube videos w/ more formats)
**Though if a "folder" grows too much (many art replies) you might need to open it in another window or browse folder by folder. But I don't think it's a big deal at all.
***It's supposedly stable for a beta.
****Workaround: Reblog with hashtag #myfaves, #bookmarks or something like that and then search that on your profile. You can even make fave "folders" this way.

If you tried it and you think it deserves a chance, please share this journal! You can even write your own review :)
I wish Discord had like a dashboard with all the servers I'm in. It's hard to keep track and get involved when you're in more than 10 because the rest gets hidden away :/

Do you have pets? 

14 deviants said Only one. My sweet baby.
13 deviants said A couple. It's started to get crowded in here.
4 deviants said Nah. Let them be free and live in harmony with nature.
3 deviants said A couple of dozen. OK, who barfed in the bed?
3 deviants said I'm the leader of a pack of wolves. I don't know if that counts.


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You changed your icon? Is that possible?? Are you even the same person????
chicoARTS Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a question philosophers have not settled yet heh

I mean, it's not off brand, is it? And the trend of not making my own icons continues |D
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YOOOOO DUDE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a good one! birthday cake PSYDUCK NOISES 
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happy birthday!! fishing part 1 by ziryuu  
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:') you didn't have to... do this!! thank you, thank you so much Heart Heart bum 
ziryuu Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aw thank you so much, im glad you like it :D
ill post it when i get the chance to, which is hopefully soon ^^ !!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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