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A new page from Little Miss Science, this time around a creature that is all but too good for this AU….Miss Chatterbox…


Name) Box Angel

Monster type) Seems to have DNA of both Human and Holy Spirit

Powers) Halo seems to shine bright to lighten even the darkest nights, it can also turn into a cross or shield for protection. When upset she cries gold tears, which can heal any type of injury or illness, but cannot bring back the dead. Her voice can sing any creature to sleep as well.

Danger level) First time ever a 0 to humans and other simple creatures, but possibly a full on 100 when dealing with the spirits of evil or the devil’s work…

Appearance) A short, stout creature, who apparently seems to be unable to talk, but is a great listener to others. Wing span is about 10 feet long, but sadly cannot help her fly at all. Her wings are very soft like sheep wool. She is easy to spot in the darkness with her white shining dress; even her skin has some glow to it. No human has ever touched her before, but it is believed her skin is really soft like a pillow from what children have said.

Behavior/other info) She is a very shy creature, tends to hide a lot, and tries her best to stay away from fights with monster. She’ll come to a troubled human’s side to save them. When saving someone she tries to sing the attacker to sleep, rather than to kill them. She is mainly fond of animals such as birds and squirrels. She also seems to love children and would even sacrifice herself to a monster to save them. You can tell she is near when you hear a very sweet tune hum. Earning her trust is very easy to do, and you’ll have a friend forever if you can. Rumor has it her name Box Angel comes from her being boxed in on this planet, sadly never able to return to heaven if there is one. Believers say she was sent to be a savior for this world, others say she was forcefully sent down since she is part human and angel, something the gods would not be pleased with. Believes in the town have also marked her as the Guardian Angel of children. It is also believed she has a brother, who is believed to be a god, but so far it has not been proven true.   

Weakness/Death) No weaknesses have been found of her, but since she has human DNA in her, some believe any weapon could do harm. The way she seems to die is self sacrifice. She has been seen to return on Sundays, the holy day.

Voice) Is unknown by adults, but children say her singing voice sounds very light and calming. (UK Dub)


Oh boy wait for the crazy religious to come find this one am I right? Anyways here we have our first ever GOOD monster so to say, so there is some hope in this AU. Note I need to add that this AU is like a mixture of houses and markets like in the olden days, but mixed with modern or even future like science. (Which is why Miss Science is moved to this AU). Then there is the huge DALE swamp/woods where all these monsters live and will attack the town nearby at times. But more so on Chatterbox, she is so far the only one I have who seems to be the only good guy from this. Hopefully there will be more…but so far it looks like that is a no…  

Art and Au by me E/C ©

Mr. Men and Little Misses Roger and Adam H. ©


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Have you heard about the Diva song from the movie, The Fifth Element?
The song fits Box Angel and I know it's pretty good!
Here's the song:…