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Forest find

The fast trade with my dragon-friend :iconalfass: (:
His amasing part:

Быстрорисунок для золотого дракона) Люблю рисовать побитую технику) 
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I like that the dragon looks annoyed. Also, is that tank based a specific model or just a generic tank?

"ANOTHER tank!? Who keeps leaving these here!?"
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Oh, it was drawn so long time ago, I don't remember.. Thank you very much!
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i love the way you drew the dragon here, the only thing i am not a fan of would be the elbow finger, everything else looks superb :D
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And I love different versions of wings :lol: Thank you!
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This setting is amazing.
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Always had a thing for rusting military equipment.
Certainly, those showing these rusting tanks being taken back by nature, a very symbolic gesture.
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Вау! Очень красивый рисунокHeart 
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Love the concept of this picture. More Army vs Dragons would be appreciated. Its and interesting notion. Thanks for the Fav also, would have taken a while to find otherwise. Keep up the good work
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Thank you very mucj for the kind words!
  Сразу видно какой этот танк тяжелый, погрузился в почву. А дракон его то ли вытащить хочет то ли глубже затолкать. 
  Нравится крыло и морда золотистого. Красавец. 
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Спасибо) Думаю, он ничего с танком делать не будет, кроме как лицезреть)
 Уже обнимает и лапает. Такую игрушку не бросит. 
 Реалистичности  придают пятна света на броне. То ли солнце сквозь ветки то ли отраженный свет от чешуи. 
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Such great work! :) It's really well made!
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OMG T34-76 <3 Soooooo well done ! :D
Epic art !
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Yes, it is :lol: Thank you!
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Very-very cool!!
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