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Sonic Boom: Sonic

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I was gonna make a sonic boom wallpaper with all the characters, but the lazy is strong in me so I'll just upload Sonic since he was completed like 2 months ago. I honestly don't like the blue arms from an artistic perspective cause it doesn't balance the blue out.

Sonic (C) Sega, Sonic Team
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Wow, that's really awesome
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AxlReignsHobbyist Writer
This has gotta be one of my favorite pictures of modern Sonic! Awesome job!
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this is super awesome ! :D 
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This is a very remarkably amazing picture of Sonic in 'Sonic Boom' style! His pose and expression are so outstanding! ;)
The colouring, the shadings and highlights, and the background are all really phenomenal! :la:
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ThePenVsTheSwordStudent Writer
Really great job.
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BritanniaLoyalistHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! Could you do a Mario one?
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chickenoverlordHobbyist Digital Artist
While I like Mario games I'm not too big on making Mario art myself ^^; unless it's a commission probably.
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BritanniaLoyalistHobbyist Digital Artist
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KABlueyTooyStudent Digital Artist
Woah! so cool!
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HeartinaRosebudHobbyist Digital Artist
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wolfiisaurHobbyist Digital Artist
This is magnificent! You've blended the colors so well!
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connieiscrazyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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shadae53Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love It
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SQuietSonamyHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! I really like how you shaded it C: Great use of dark and light tones ^_^
MilesTailsFox-fan's avatar
You did an epic job! i love it =D
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Fantastically done!
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islapjuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool! Great job :clap: Love your coloring c: 
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Meowstic-45Hobbyist General Artist
so cool!
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Best realistic art piece on Sonic Boom, Nicely done~☆♡
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darkspeedsHobbyist General Artist
Nicely done!
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MoonDancer89Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sonic is the hedgehog~!!  :D  Lol~!! Awesome~!!
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DarkKittySuckerProfessional Digital Artist
This looks acutally so awesome :D Nice work there~ :la:
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Quite great
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