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.:F2U:. Bouncie Blue Chicken V2

F2U does NOT mean you are free to reupload it!

Deviantart needs more cute chickens!

:check: Yes you can use it as your Icon here on dA
:check: Yes you can Use it as page decoration!
NO red cross DONT Claim it as yours (You didnt made it afterall)
NO red cross DONT Reupload it/ Edit it/ Copy it

It would be nice if you tell me that you're using it! Its not needed but it would be super nice! .:F2U:. Small Pixel Chicken Boing -Blue 
You want a bouncie yourself of your character? Note me! I'm not doing it for free, Remember that!
You have an idea who else can be a good bouncie (Videogame/Anime/Movie/Comic characters or real life animals) ? Leave a comment here!

Art (c) Me
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is,,, is this the blue chicken from LOZ OOT..?
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Ah no no! Its based on the Blue Chickens from the game StarDew Valley .:F2U:. Small Pixel Chicken Boing -Blue 
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Thank you! .:F2U:. Small Pixel Chicken Boing -Blue 
And Thank you so much for the donation!.:F2U:. Small Pixel Chicken Boing -Void 
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