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MotF 144: Res Publica - The Danubian Union

Forgot to upload this MotF admission from Sept 16'. The Challange was to make a map of a further integrated European Union or alternate equivalent. I wanted to approach that challange from the opposite direction, meaning devolving an existing empire or such while still being further integrated than the EU and I figured Austria-Hungary could work well.

There's a brief summary of events below:
  • The crucial divergence period is the turn of the century (late 1890s, early 1900s)
  • WW1-analogue is caused by a Russo-German dispute and pitches the Entente (Russia, France) against the CP (Germany, A-H), with lots of nations joining in as it progresses (1907-1911)
  • Franz Joseph I. dies in 1908
  • a Bolshevik Revolution is largely unsuccessful in Russia but Germany shifts to the left after the war
  • Franz II. is assasinated in Budapest 1916, allowing Karl to implement the reforms Franz had been pushing for
  • Trialism is adopted in a modified version
  • Interwar Period-analogue sees shifts to the right in France, Italy, Russia and Romania
  • WW2-analogue are smaller regional wars, a "Latin War" (France-Italy-Romania) and a "Russian War" (Russia) (1931-1934)
  • Karl I. dies in 1932
  • irredentist attack by Romania on A-H-S leads to some nasty ethnic cleansing and after the counter-invasion by A-H-S and Germany the "Dismemberment of Romania" takes place
  • these events mold the Habsburg Dominions together as bulwark against Russian and Latin aggression but they only work so long
  • Otto I. becomes a strong believer in "Danubianism", a devolving of the Habsburg Empire and renewal through the Danubian Free Trade Zone (economic union set up by Franz II.)
  • the "Great Devolution" (1952) sees the end of the A-H-S Empire and the foundation of the modern Danubian Union
  • in 1968 the world is nearing the end of a decade of tacit rapprochement between the Freedom (Concert) and Nationalist (Conference) Alliance
  • the powder keg that is the Ottoman Empire is three years from bursting and engulfing the world in a renewal of hostilities

1.    Kingdom of Montenegro: pursued a neutral (pro-Russian) stance for a while but eventually joined the Union due to economic realities
2.    Kingdom of Bosnia: was a co-dominium of Austria-Hungary and Serbia between the end of the Great War and the adoption of Trialism, at which point it became a co-dominium of Croatia and Serbia and eventually became it's own constiuent kingdom of Southslavia
3.    Kingdom of Dalmatia: despite strong Croatian efforts to truly unify the Triune Kingdom the endeavour fell flat; they spent their political capital on the Bosnia settlement and faced opposition from the Imperial government and from Serbia
4.    Autonomous Regions of Carniola and the Littoral: Ljubljana is still pushing for the integration of Lower Styria and Solvene-majority areas of Carinthia but Vienna is helpless in the face of the crownland's opposition
5.    Autonomous Region of Trentino: aside from some lingering tensions with Italy, things are working smoothly here
6.    Autonomous Region of the Sudetenland and Niederböhmen: originally introduced during Trialism, the Sudentenland and Niederböhmen opted to stay with Bohemia and Moravia after the Great Devolution as part of a sovereignty sharing agreement between Prague and Vienna
7.    Republic of Moravia: abolished the monarchy along with Bohemia as a show of their renewed independence after the Great Devolution
8.    Autonomous Region of Upper and Lower Silesia
9.    Crownland of Transsylvania: Budapest would only concede to the historical boundaries of Transsylvania despite the significant numbers of Romanians living in Eastern Hungary; the Romanian invasion in the 30ies kind of put people off caring very much and only now serious steps are being taken to ensure minority protection for Romanians in Hungary proper
10.  Crownland of the Banat: the multicultural region was once again seperated from Hungary proper, and despite being shown as an autonomous region within the FKH, it functions essentially as it's own constituent state of the Danubian Union, governed from Temesvar
11.  Grand Duchy of Bukovina: retained the Habsburgs as head of state and despite some rumblings from the Ukrainians was never partitioned
12.  Dobrudja Territory: split off from Romania and initially became an Imperial Territory governed from Vienna/Budapest/Zagreb; after the Devolution the "Dobrudja Question" dominated Danubian politics for a while as the member states differed on the appropriate course forward; foreign policy matters overtook in the 60ies and the Dobrudja Question is on ice

Bulgaria and Greece are shown as "Associated Nations"
Venice is a Free City due to the Latin War, which Italy lost
Salonika/Thessaloniki is a Free City due to a settlement between the Ottoman Empire and Greece, mediated by the Concert of Nations

If there are any questions feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer them.

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