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Papa KFC's big brushes, MOOORE

edit april 2017: I added in new brushes that I've been using!! Mainly for painting backgrounds!

:new:Also, there's a video now of me using some of these brushes!

Download the set by clicking the "download" link on the side!

If that doesn't work for you, try my drop box!…
And here it is as a ZIP…

Compatibility: Works so far with both CS5 and CS6, probably CC too!

A complete list of my MAIN brushes! I added in the soft round and the new branch brush, which has been absolutely a life saver for when I get stuck on forest backgrounds!! Just slap it in and it looks done!
These are my exact brushes with the exact settings for them! You don't need to alter the brushes themselves AT ALL to make them work the way they're meant to. 
What you DO need to do is change some settings of yours!
KFC brush settings by KFCemployee 

.:Happy star:. =favorite/used a lot!!

Soft round: Used to do all of the basic color adding/blending right after the sketch! Use this to color. Also for shading!

Hard round: For close details like eyes, the mouth, and noses, as well as painting detailed fur! Can be used for any detailing (subject OR background) and for special effects like scars, lighting, water, snow, and blood!

.:Happy star:. Fancypants:.:Happy star:.  For laying down fur quickly and providing direction! Can use the hard round over it to give sharper edges afterwards. Good for doing leaves and small facial details too! I use this a lot. 

.:Happy star:.Sandstone: .:Happy star:. I've been using this mainly for painting fur! I love the texture it gives and it feels much easier to paint something when it's a little messy like this is. Set the flow low for blending, and high for stronger strokes! Also used for tree bark, snow, rocks, etc. Good all around brush! You could use this to create an entire illustration.

Forest: Self explanatory! Use in the background to show distance by layering them- start with the lightest in the back and get darker and larger as they get closer!

Tree base: Great for painting snowy trees! Good for trees that are close up or large. Place them down and add details on top using the fancypants or hard round!

Branch: Amazing brush!! It's just a section of the tree base cut out, but it really makes an impact in speedpaints. Perfect for giving a forest dimension and space!! Place lighter branches in the back/farther away and darker and saturated branches up in the front (also make them bigger!). Add over detail with the fancypants using a lighter color! Any time I'm stuck on a forest type background these seem to save the day. LOVE IT

:new:.:Happy star:.Tree bark: .:Happy star:.:new: Excellent for painting tree bark either vertically or side to side! You can also use it for the ground, for some lazy grass, and for charred material! I've been using this very often for my trees and I love the texture it has. You have to paint over the strokes a lot with other colors and get them right! It can be tricky. It's a good idea to have the light source picked out and minor details added before using this. I didn't make this and the link will be below!

:new:Fire and smoke :new: Very good for a smoky look or fire! Set the flow down to 50% or so to make this work better. I didn't make this brush and its pack will be linked below!

:new:Bushes and leaves:new: A nice one for treetops and foliage. It's easy to build on and paint over! I like keeping the flow high on this one. 

Other brushes: 
I use these for miscellaneous foliage!
Angela3D Plant Brushes Set 3 by angela3d Angela3D Plant Brushes Set 2 by angela3d Angela3D Plant Brushes Set 1 by angela3d

This is a very popular pack and contains a lot of nice brushes! I added the two of my favorite to my list but only so I could share them easily with you. I don't want to claim credit for them! 

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Will this work on Procreate?

edit: IT DOES

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Just got these today this is only my second try at Digital painting. Love them, thank you so much will try and add image.

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Thank you for the brushes, trying to myself to paint digital art, much appreciated!

Hi, I'm new in coloring, thanks for the brush

these look amazing but unfortunately it says that there's no file to download :(

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I would love to use these, but I can't download them :(

the brushes work for procreate! Well, I just found that out. Thanks, these brushes are so cool.👍

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Such cool brushes but I don't own any program that I could put these into or at least I don't know how (krita, firealpaca, gimp) ;-;
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Is it possible to use these in Medibang Paint, or is it just photoshop?
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If I were you You should use Krita its a great digital art program its more advanced than medibang i use medibang but krita is free and is the best suggested and its incredible for brushes anyways God bless

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