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More brushes by bigdaddy KFC


Click 'download' to get these brushes for Photoshop

Some additional brushes I've got for background painting. 

The first brush (from the left) is one I made myself a long time ago
The second to the left one is what I've been using a lot lately. The fur from was used almost entirely from that weird grass brush. Also made by me.
Third and fourth brushes weren't made by me, but they're rly super. I don't know where i found em D:

Setting up the brushes/using them:

Painting fur:

My main brushes I use:
KFC's other guys (updated brushes) by KFCemployee
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thank you so much, love it <3

Thank you so much

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That's amazing! Thank you!

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Thanks for all your brushes. Your awesome! imjust learning and it great to see what brushes look like when used.

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Can these be used for medibang paint pro?

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Is there a way to use these for fire alpaca?
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hi this is late, but you can download ABRmate and turn them into PNG files for firealpaca.
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Love Love Thanks!!!!!Hug Hug Hug 
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How would you set up these brushes in Painttool sai?
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gracias por sus pinceles gracias ellos gente como yo nos ayudan a salir a delante
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omg, really, thank you so much!
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hey just wanted to let you know i used your brush set :)… i credited you
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Thanks......... A lot 
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Thank you so much for cool brushes!
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OH MY GOD!!! Thank you thank you!! this is sooooo beautiful and wonderful brushes!
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and how is it with paint tool sai?
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These are lovely *Q*
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