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Grumpy and Dopey

2018 edit: I've watermarked all of my old work because they're constantly stolen, sorry they're huge and ugly! 

A medium quality illustration for :iconfey-light: her friends as german shepherds! This was a pretty fun order to work on and it was refreshing to paint a dog instead of a wolf for once (i do love my wolves doe)
Thank you so much for ordering this, I really appreciate it! 

I struggled with many aspects of this piece, mostly with the background. I don't believe I've drawn an autumn-y forest before, so the colors were new to me and it was challenging to use them. The trees were difficult at first but adding the leaves was enjoyable :)

Other stuff:
Grump and not so grump by Chickenbusiness

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Gorgeous artwork.Love all the fall colors and that light shining through trees in background looks really good. They both look so realistic
Scourge-The-She-Wolf's avatar
I don't know if you've read it, but it looks like Kainan and Raimo from Asmundr/Home! It's a webcomic->…
Your art is gorgeous! *-*

Do you perhaps give any tutorials for canine models (how to do the muzzle/ears/body/eyes), shading/fur textures, and backgrounds?
wolfgirl2018's avatar
wish i could do that
toothless512warrior's avatar
My god, the German shepherd is adorable 
TrollGirl's avatar
They're beautiful. I dig it that they're based on people.. i give all my really good friends animal alter egos.
What program do you paint in?
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I absolutely love German Shepherds!
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Do you take point Comms?
Nice ones but I think you should make them with dark brown eyes since blue eyed ones are a major fault.  :P
Chickenbusiness's avatar
Thank you! :) And hahah I agree, blue would be a major fault! But these are kind of fantasy dogs and they're based off of people, so they've got their people-version's eyes :D 
ZoeTaylorArts's avatar
Wow!! This is so pretty.... wow wow wow!
RedSoulWolf13's avatar
How the hell is it possible to be that awesome :heart: I just love it :D
Volinfer's avatar
This is very impressive !! 
Wildfire-Tama's avatar
The autumn background is so beautiful! Excellent job! :D
bellequine's avatar
this is stunning! I love the colours :D
savage's avatar
the stop of their noses... omg *-*
neko-systeme's avatar
You worked with grayscales on this one ?
 Amazing work, also ! :D
CoyoteSoot's avatar
Oh goodness, this is beautiful. I love the colors in this ;o;
juliette682's avatar
OMG ! :0 Beautyfull ! :D
FuzzyMaro's avatar
Amazing! These dogs look so realistic! 
LuckyStarhun's avatar
This is just beautiful! I also love the autumn background, too :)
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