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May 26, 2024
Free mega feather pack (.abr/photoshop) by Chickenbusiness
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Free mega feather pack (.abr/photoshop)

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Narrated video demo- FINALLY, here are some feather brushes that i've made recently! From photos and modified for brush usage (like usual)! Pen tilt is VERY IMPORTANT for these!! I'm not sure they'd work well without it! This deviation should be a free download, or something, so you can get all 4 packs from that-

Click on this little download icon below the posts image, around the title, and your brushes will download!


Then, in whatever folder you save them to, double click on them and they'll open in photoshop! You might have to click a few times for it to update, photoshop can be weird. OR if you'd like to download them individually, or if it's not working, check out these options: Stash: Google drive: These brushes are for photoshop! I have no idea if they'll work for other applications, sorry! Check the comments though- people often share their findings and fixes! Feel free to check out my other brushes if you want more!

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Just love the variation in brushes and patterns :heart: So many nice ones! Definitely useful for anyone interested in drawing birds :la: Thank you for making and sharing this!