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Classic German Shepherd Imports OPEN 1/6| For Sale

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Rowantree Ranch Halloween Show

Welcome to the first annual Rowantree Ranch Haloween Spectacular! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday out of the year, so please help me celebrate in style~ Rules -Pre registration is not needed! -Deadline for entries is November 6th. If you need more time, requests for deadline extension must be given by October 31st. - All animals capable of being ridden are allowed, fantasy species are allowed and encouraged! -Ridden classes must be completed by a rider/mount team. Mounts in unridden events must have a handler. If you don't have a rider/handler character available, let me know and I'd be happy to lend you one of mine. -You can enter up to 5 animals in each class. You cannot enter one animal into a class more than once. -Classes are primarily judged on effort, comparing your entry to the usual effort shown in your gallery. Points are always given for creativity and a sense of humor- and for this event, Halloween aesthetic! -Ridden classes require the rider to be


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Stats for shedu disciplines

Some kittens are born faster, stronger and smarter than other kittens this is result of variables in natural selection and artificial selection - each cat is different. Now SheduCats convert these attributes inherited from their parents into a numerical value split under different categories. Example: Str - Strength Int - Intelligence Sta - Stamina Spe - Speed Mov - Movement Sur - Surefoot Agl - Agility Con - Conformation Tra - Trainability Tem - Temperament The stats are revealed right at birth of a cub (or posted under a cats LOG after completely their SPC or PB for cats, bred before september, 2015). The higher your cat gets i

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Soulsong - Silent Introduction


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Lost (ToC Event)

Hailstar waited at the OceanClan border to meet the OceanClan MedicineCat and guide them through RippleClan to the Moon Tree. Halfway there they would meet the RippleClan MedicineCats. Together the group walked to the neutral land. Hailstar dipped her head. “Be safe”, she mewed to the four MedicineCats smiling kindly towards Spiderpaw. “We will see us tomorrow then, my Warriors and I will wait here before the sun comes up”, she instructed the OceanClan Cats with a smile, retreating together with her fellow Warriors. The half moon shone upon the tree, a cool breeze went through the leaves as the MedicineCat gathered under the massive roots of the Tree. It’s been only a few Moons since the invasion of the Twolegs, the most Clans recovered from it by now, choosing new High Ranks. OceanClan has been the first Clan with two MedicineCats and both have come to sleep with StarClan tonight. But it was still unclear what had happened to the from twoleg kidnapped cat, or if they were still

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