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I'll have some animated shorts at Hamilton Yuk Yuk's this Thursday.
Maybe check it out if you're in the area.…
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June 6, 2015, Toronto, Ontario. Come check out Stage Select Gaming Expo, I'll have an art booth there!…
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I have an art booth at Stage Select Gaming Expo this Saturday June 28th in Toronto.
Come out & play some video games n stuff!! :D

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Here is the uncut version of an animation I created for the 18th annual Webby Awards.

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Exciting news!
Some of my Hotline Miami fan art will be on display during this years Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA.
Devolver Digital is setting up the gallery a short walk down the street at Book Club, 10am - 4pm, March 19th - 21st.
More info. here:
So check it out!

And prints, stickers, and pins of the artwork are available in my shop:
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I have a shirt design up for voting on Threadless. Part of an 8-bit/pixel art challenge. Vote for it and maybe it will become a shirt.
Voting lasts for 7 days.
Vote here:…
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My artwork is featured in issue 13 of Artist Portfolio Magazine, an online magazine. My art is on page 16, check it out!…
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I have an art booth at Unplugged Expo this weekend (Oct. 26 and 27). I'll be selling a bunch of stickers, pins and art prints. I'm at booth 16 come by and say hey.
Check here for more info and what I'll have.
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I got some stickers printed of my artwork, you can see them here. If anyone wants some send me a note or an email to with your address and I'll send some out to you. :)
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Facebook is pretty popular. So I finally created a page for my artwork, you can find it here:…
So if you're into using facebook you can "like" that.

I'll put some exclusive stuff on there when current projects are finished.
Right now I put up my oldest piece of art that I could find, so that's funny.
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I have been updating my website recently. I now own
I have been combining my art blog and portfolio into one site, as well as increasing my blog size to make images and video larger.
So check out my updated site here:…
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Late last month my Limbo artwork was published in issue 277 of The Games Machine, a popular Italian video game magazine. It was used in conjunction with a review for the game, as the game was just released on the PS3 and PC. My artwork is right in the center of the page.
You can view the page here.

Limbo art:
Art Blog: draculaisstillathreat.blogspot…
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Santa Cruz Weekly in California featured my Super Meat Boy drawing on the front cover of their news paper.

You can see the cover here or here.

It's the cover story image for this article.
I expected this to be some kind of bullshit when they contacted me, until they said they would pay, haha. Not the biggest newspaper out there, but I think it's pretty fucking awesome. ^_^

Reorganized my art blog too, added page links at the top such as digital works and photography to show off some of my best works without having to click through a lot of pages.

My Meat Boy art:
Art Blog: draculaisstillathreat.blogspot…
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So I finished the mask that I mentioned in an earlier journal.
I just finished it on wednesday by placing the lights inside. You can view final images here and here.
And this is a slideshow of the whole process.

I will upload some images on here at some point, I want to consolidate several images into one file.

Art Blog: draculaisstillathreat.blogspot…
Online porfolio:
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This truly is unfortunate, Satoshi Kon passed away at the young age of 46 on August 24th, the cause was cancer. His death came quite close to his 47th birthday and before his 5th directed film, The Dream Machine, was set to debut.
Even though I have never met him, this saddened me a great deal.

Just my thoughts on his works..
I feel everything this man has done for the animation industry has been phenomenal. His works are the pinnacle in my opinion. They tackle interesting situations, concepts and emotions that can only be conveyed in animation.
I re watched Paprika last night, my favourite film he has done, and I think the amount of effort put into this animation is astounding. A psychological thriller focusing on the concept of entering and manipulating dreams, with a world and characters that are so vibrant and detailed that a live action interpretation would be at a loss. I feel that you cannot experience anything else like this, nothing can be so expressive and still look very natural. I think using CG effects for a live action interpretation would make it look very unnatural and fake, though it all flows nicely when nothing is straight realism. Though this film probably had at least some influence on a recent film with a similar concept, Inception.

I think his visions for psychological thrillers are perfectly matched with animation that truly engrosses you in the world.

Though half of the works he has directed are psychological thrillers. I feel the stories and concepts for Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers are great as well. The later is a mostly comedic adventure in the lives of 3 homeless characters on Christmas Eve. Though you can also view it as a social commentary about life in Tokyo, easily his most straight forward film. And again, I feel these films are more mature and original for animation.

His cancer caused him to stop working on a new film.

He left a message on his website shortly before he passed.
"Full of gratitude for all that is good in the world, I put my pen down. Well, it's time to go."

And if anyone is interested films he has directed include:
Perfect Blue (1998)
Millennium Actress (2001)
Tokyo Godfathers (2003)
Paprika (2006)
The Dream Machine (to be released after his death in 2011)
along with the lone television series he has directed, Paranoia Agent (2004).

I hope anyone who reads this will consider watching some of the great films and lone television series he has directed and changed the industry with.

R.I.P. Satoshi Kon
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I have been making Guy-Manuel's Daft Punk mask/helmet (the gold one) over the summer. I made a flickr set with all of my photos in the process so far… I just applied some of the drywall compound today. Gonna let that dry so I can sand it smooth, then a few more layers of that should be good. Afterward I'm going to vacuum form some plastic for the dome visor so I can see.
I'm still unsure if I will ad LED lights to the mask at the moment, but Halloween mask so far I guess. :P

Other music stuff..
I'm going to see Deadmau5, Benny Benassi and Jesse Keeler of MSTRKRFT on June 30/Canada Day. That's fucking exciting, missed Deadmau5 when he was in Toronto on Boxing Day and Keeler's set got cancelled like half a day before he was set to perform in April.

I'm going to see Crystal Castles on August 14, close to my birthday..Their new album just cam out, it's fantastic.

Uffie's album will be out in like 4 days, after like 4 years of EPs she finally has a full length album.

Check out Trent Reznor's new band How to Destroy Angels.

And R.I.P. Paul Gray (#2), bassist of Slipknot.

Art Blog: draculaisstillathreat.blogspot…
Online porfolio:
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Just posted a bunch of character designs over at my animation blog. world1-1productions.blogspot.c…
I'm really happy with these demented designs and am excited to get the main animation started tomorrow.
The animation will be finished by April 22 or 23 so make sure to check out the blog for updates.
The animation will eventually make it's way onto deviantART, but I want to add some Actionscript into it to make it more interactive and user friendly.

I leave you with a bunch of links you should check out. :)

Flash Animation Process Blog: world1-1productions.blogspot.c…
My Art Blog: draculaisstillathreat.blogspot…
Tom's Art Blog:
Mario Walk Cycle on dA:…

My Twitter:
My newly made online porfolio:
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So I just posted a walk cycle for my Mario character design…
This is for an animation titled "Two Sprites One Pipe", that my friend Tom and I are creating.
Please follow our process on our new blog world1-1productions.blogspot.c…

The animation will obviously be based on the Super Mario universe, though done in our own art style and sequence concept.
I just started learning Flash in January. So far I have only learned how to make simple web ads. This new project is something I haven't done in Flash before, a character based animation.
I'm really excited for this project.

Links you should check out..
Flash Animation Process Blog: world1-1productions.blogspot.c…
My Art Blog: draculaisstillathreat.blogspot…
Tom's Art Blog:
Mario's Character Design Process: world1-1productions.blogspot.c…
Mario Walk Cycle on dA:…
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So yes, almost a year later since my last journal... and Cencoroll was released this year (premiered in Canada actually, woot!), a DVD was released in Japan in October for this film. I watched it on youtube a little while ago, I didn't see a release in earlier months and just thought of it recently..
So if you have like 25 minutes to kill, check it..

Part 1: h ttp:// PeERyHB2hyE   

(so stupid devART adds an emoticon, so remove the spaces between h and ttp, and v= and Pe)

Part 2:…
Part 3:…

I'd say the trailers made it seemed more action focused, and more whimsical.. Not what I was expecting but still good for the length of this film.
The art style is something I can get behind, it's all sketch like, makes me think of something animated by Studio 4°C. And certain scenes remind me of the 6 episodes series, FLCL, I'd definitely recommend that hilarious series as well. :)
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