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Two Sprites One Pipe

My first Flash Animation, made with my friend Tom.
This was a final project for school in my last year of Graphic Design.

I posted the Walk Cycle for Mario on here earlier. [link]

This was finished about an hour before class was finished on the final day. The week was rough, I'd say we spent at least 50 hours working in Flash that week.
Once again, our first time doing an animation like this, definitely learned a lot. Flash has quite a few annoying limitations, plus it crashes after you do something minimal like scrolling, or after you do something very hard and important..

Music and Sound effects were fun to do, we made and recorded our own sounds, plus looked up some free samples.
Fart noises in school occurred after..

Music credits:
Glomag - "The Ecstasy of Gold"
Animal Style - "Cyboshellfish"
Linde - "Galileon"

It was a great experience, very happy with the result and we are planning to do more in the future.

Two Sprites One Pipe on Youtube: [link]
World 1-1 Productions: [link]
My Art Blog: [link]
Tom's Art Blog: [link]
Mario Walk Cycle on dA: [link]

Illustrated and animated by Paul Scott and Thomas Trindade
Done April 2010.
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That was AMAZING! Brilliant job!
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haha, thanks a lot!