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Summer Springs Chain -Natural Hair Color Version- by Chicken-Yuki, visual art

Artist // Traditional Art
My Bio
In general, please don't note me under most circumstances. This includes simple greetings for small talk, thanking me for favoring your artwork, and ESPECIALLY for requests, art trades, and advertising commissions. Trying to sell me commissions through notes or my comments section will result in an IMMEDIATE BLOCK. Should I otherwise choose to address you in response, I will VERY LIKELY do so on your profile page, so if you do not want to be addressed on a "public space", your best option would be to simply drop your message entirely. I'm good with receiving greetings and general comments on my profile page. This may extend to even the rare commission I work out with an artist, as I've come across increasing difficulties that have lead to distaste to even negotiating commissions through notes. If I happened to attempt to get a point commission from you and you are being courteous enough to look at my profile, PLEASE give me an alternate form of communication just in case.

Also, any comment or question that basically amounts to "Why don't you draw what I want you to draw?" will automatically be counted as spam. Accept the one of the following, " I don't want to draw it" and/or "I don't feel like drawing it" as an answer and move on.

If you are interested in requests, please keep the following in mind:

*Do NOT send me a note concerning requests and/or art trades. Or even point commissions.
*Do not ask or tell me your request on any of my deviations/submissions.

+Asking "Can I have _____ version of this picture/character?", "Can I see this as a sequence/comic?", or anything in a similar format WILL BE COUNTED AS A REQUEST ATTEMPT IN A SUBMISSION.

If you do not abide by these rules, your request or art trade will be turned down immediately and indefinitely. After this, it will likely not be worth your time to ask again, even in the proper way.

Yes, inquiring in the Profile Comments Section is acceptable. Everyone else is too busy filling it with Fave Spam, so I thought it could at least serve a more useful purpose, too.

In Any Case-

Requests - Closed by SweetDuke
Trades - Open by SweetDuke - Completed Art Trades Must Be In Color.
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

*There will be a journal link next to a commission stamp if a commission is available.

*Please do not ask about commissions.

Anti-Tags Stamp by Sir-Drago-If you tag me, I will flag it as Spam.

If you ask me if I'm accepting requests while the "Requests Open" stamp is displayed, I may be discouraged from accepting because I'll take it as a sign that you haven't read through all the rules. Of course, if you STILL contact me through Notes when all you see is the "Request Open" stamp, then you've still broken a rule. For whatever reason, I would also recommend you NOT contact me about requests in another's profile/thread because I consider that outright tactless.

I refuse to use K-ON! Kisekae2 to produce art requests and/or art trades, and at the same, I do not want to receive half of an art trade made using Kisekae2 .

I will also not be accepting multi-page/strip comics, as past experience has shown me to lacking the drive to do these upon request.

Finally, concerning the "I will not accept" and "less likely to accept" lists following this: If what you intend to ask me to draw is even remotely conceptually/aesthetically similar to any of the below, I would not bother approaching me to it. Lecturing me on the differences between two things I obviously don't want to draw will not help, so I will not tolerate loophole attempts to get me to draw something all because I didn't use the precise terminology for whatever the subject matter I refuse to draw upon being asked. I'm sorry if umbrella-ing certain tastes might bother you, but I don't want to inflate my list to an absurd degree just to be precise.

I will not accept-
Explicit Het
Foot Fetishism
Harem Outfits
Transformations into inanimate objects including dollification
"TG"/Genderbending Sequences (I've basically retired from making originals for this one. Sorry.)
"She-Mask"ing :shrug:
My Little Pony
Eve Neuschwanstein
Bunny Suits (Playboy)
Stardew Valley

Requests More Likely to be Accepted Are-
Original Characters
"New" Harvest Moon Series Fanart (mostly)
Department Heaven Series Fanart

Requests that are much less likely to be accepted,-
Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Fanart
- Toby Fanart
An "Original Character" whose origin is the fusion of two canon characters
-Age Regression
-Obscure Fetishim

If I accept your request, it will be a lineart sketch. Implying otherwise will hurt your chances.

I am not interested in taking suggestions on furthering works or characters I have previously finished.

If you want the right to actually say that I have given you permission to draw/make one of my characters in Kisekae, I have to have literally and physically say that "you have my permission to redraw/remake my character". Anything I say that you think implies that I gave you permission does not actually count as permission without the aforementioned statement being actually said without sarcasm.

:iconhughunleashesrageplz::iconsaysplz: Hating Parents by Its-An-Inferno
:iconikeishappyplz::iconsaysplz: You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps

Filipino language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rock and Jazz
Favourite Writers
Brian Jacques, Hajime Kanazaka
Favourite Games
Harvest Moon, Department Heaven Series, Fire Emblem, Pokemon
Tools of the Trade
You don't want to be on this list.

Donation Pool

Next Votable Chain Series Cont.

dA seemed to remove the old donation pool in the transition to eclipse, but I'm hoping to keep this donation pool around just in case. This next one will start with a personality change.

2041/1800 points
Thanks to everyone who donated! You helped me reach my goal!

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hey Bud I wanted to ask if you had a discord or an easier way to chat? I wanted to ask about possibly working with you on a some stuff in the future, Just let me know~

I'm on pixiv as just "Chicken".

Thanks for the fav!

Sailor Venus

Thanks for the fav!

Sailor Pluto complete clothes

Thanks for the fav ^^

hey, thanks for the fave, i really appreciate it!