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My Colorful Snow Leopard

a new apple fan .-. wallpaper, just 4 fun ,.
To celebrate the 6 th MacOSX release,.

the .-.-.-.-.-
XD :D :D SnowLeopard

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All rights reserved
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Me parece fabuloso.

Quiero hacer una observación, sólo como usuario final, no es una crítica: el signo de interrogación, así como el símbolo musical, parecen un poquito fuera del tema...

Repito, es maravilloso este arte. Simplemente quise hacer una observación...
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wow!! como recién usuario de Mac, todo lo que tenga la manzanita me parece genial, :D pero este wallpaper es el maaaas original y hermoso de todos, iré a presumirlo:nod:
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Hi chicho21net, thanks for featuring your lovely wall on [link] !! This is my personal fave of all time!
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Love this! Looks so awesome
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nice. . .. thanks. . .
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squeeeeeeee! theres a panda inthere too ^__^ - using this as my wp atm, thanx for the use.
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Great WORK!

link to Design Dock/Space screen shot

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This has become one of the 9 wallpapers i use on my 9 docks 9 spaces 1 OS X system. my Design DockSpace
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ooh, absolutely awesome! I love the colours, and the clarity of all the neat pieces of the wallpaper (:
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thankyou so so much im so glad that you liked

sorry my english i so poor
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its like a free flowing snow globe!
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Wow, this is really nice mate.

Good work ;)
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Esto debe verse fabuloso en una pantalla de Mac =D =D =D
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this is simply amazing :)
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orales gracias DAniel un ggusto
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