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Morning View of Paradise

By chicho21net
A sunny morning lights up Paradise

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Qué bonito! Tus líneas son suaves. Tu estilo es sencillo, simple...

Transmites muy bien tus ideas.

¡Sigue así!
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hahhahahaha cute! XD
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que happy jajaj xD a mi favoritos
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just started checkin out some of ur gall...u have some kyoot stuff - will check it more later wen i have time. some of the coolest things have simple lines, but it's the ideas to do them that make u a true artist.^__^
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very mario-esque :)
bringmetolife95's avatar
Cute! It looks like a background/scenery from a video game! =) Awesome work! Love it! <3
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woow esta xingon
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LOL! Funny crocodile!
Life-as-a-cube-o-ice's avatar
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very different, looks like a lot of work was done.
good work that is, i like it.
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Wow ^^ This picture is very cute ^^ How do you made it ? :)
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:thanks: Cathrine i use Corel Draw 11 jeje
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.:) This picture makes me soo happy :D. iT'S bright and colorful but yet peaceful too. I love this

what program did you use?
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:hug: I'm really glad you like this wallpaper... :hug:

the program is CorelDraw :D

have a nice day!!
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:)..well who couldn't love it :)
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wohaa! Funny! :D
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Adorable. I would love to wake up every morning and see something like this... :)
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I'm really glad you like i t .. :)
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Heheh. This is pretty cute. At first I thought "O_o" because I found this while searching "paradise,' but now that I've gotten used to the cartoonish, cheery sense of almost made me giggle. :)
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Aha this is cool :D
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