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Kotsuki Farren, My Utau

My Utau, but she still doesn't have a voice bank >.< (i'm currently editing it) C:

VB: Rough edit. Noobly edited by me D:

Help please?

Name: Kotsuki Farren

Age: 16

Main colors: Yellow+blue tips on hair, purple and dark blue on Headphones, Purple and lite blue on upper clothing. Black on others.

Object she likes: Cake or Lollipop :D (Blueberry)

Height: 5'3

Gender: Female

Voice type: Mezzo soprano (I think)

Personality: Often shy and misses tones of songs most of the time ^^

Art and design by me :D
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i cannot find her in UTAU wiki :O
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I don't know how to make one for her BTW xC
NamieyXcarletLaytis's avatar

or you can just copy the tables from any UTAU profile and pasted it for yours :D
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;;;;;; Buuuu I fell in love herrr.. I DL'd her and oto'd quite a bit of her... here have a listen? ;u;/
orz sorry the timing of the song was probably all wrong XD [/got confused with the ust]
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Aww~! She's so cute! ^^ And very original.
Can't wait to hear her voice!
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Pretty~ Once her bank is finished, I'll OTO it for you.
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looks,so cool and nice pose!
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