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The new look chiccachilli :]

Is the preview/thumbnail looking all 'melted' to anyone else, or is it just me? 8|
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oh god the cuteness is killing me. man, i'm jealous, i'll never be able to draw something this adorable in my life. awww awww omg aww look at it awwwww
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I had to pause when I saw the thumbnail in my deviation inbox LOL. It does indeed look as if its melted. But I figured it was likely to be because of transparency. The melted one looks like some surrealist version of it XD
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It's really scaring me. I feel like a n00b! haha!
Any idea how to solve the problem? I'm not very practiced with transparencies, so I have no idea what I did wrong. 8|
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I'm not sure either. I think its something to do with DA as they used to appear as black before, but now its a creepy mix of the colors in the image =/
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Hrmmm ok. I'll play around with it later and see if it can be fixed.
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Aww, she's cute as ever! <3
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You're very welcome! :3
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