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Gramophone x Miku


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Gramophone x Miku


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Arcana Coelestia (large)

Abstract and Space

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Lumpy Space Princess cosplay test by Ytka Matilda

Adventure Time

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[C] Regal Milo

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re: Card Captor Sakura


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Comic: Buffering


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Angel wing earring studs


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Aladdin: Princess Jasmine Portrait


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Women and Armor: Saying GOODBYE to Panty-Plate P2

Here be part two of my armor study notes for you guys. Part two is going to center around warfare and battle styles, so please bare (bear? fuck it, I’m tired) with me. This section might be complicated but don’t worry, it’s only here to be used as a reference and a guide to your own understanding. ( i really, REALLY need to get out of my apartment. I'm chomping at the bit, here. But I can't. And it's cold. >:( ) Formal Warfare: Open field battles with two standing groups or armies that include 100+ people. Naval Battles with two large military or pirate ships containing 50+ people Modern warfare: Examples of WW2 to now

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Wonder Woman


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Chrysalis (Animated)

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Anime girl character design

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dtiys || hydedraws

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50 Foot Challenge Pack - 93 Foot References

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Sunset Sea

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New Girl in Town

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Helping With The Harvest

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Haruko and Yukiko

O. C. Fan Art Mix

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Ami Mizuno

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Time Machine Icon

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Inktober Day 14 - Overgrown

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Manga Toning Tutorial

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Screentones with Loom #2: Anatomy of a Halftone

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Gramophone x Miku


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Worth Saving

Worth Saving Never broken but still I bled, Where sinful thorns adorned My head, My feet, My hands, My side, My life, All were pierced so you'd be Mine. Crimson tears fled from My eyes, Though still I knew one day I'd rise. My spirit quivered when out I cried, And felt My Father God deny. Over and over I said to Him, "They know not what they do. Father, forgive them." Pain became my soul and self, Yet ne'er I accepted Heaven's help. You filled My thoughts, I saw you there, A creation worth saving from your own despair. I loved you then as I love you now, You once were lost but can now be found. My life on earth was little lived, So life in Paradise, to you, I'd give. You have a chance, you have a choice, Be filled with Me and hear My voice. My child, I love you. That will never change. My life was sacrificed for your own to gain, Still I implore you to have faith and believe, So that when all earth is past, you'll live on with Me.


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