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A3327 Beauty and the Bells

Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell Bell  


I'm also super super proud with how this turned out, a lot more realistic than usual and I wasn't expecting her to end up looking so good Love La la la la 

ID: A3327 
Name: Beauty and the Bells
Stable Name: Beauty
Color:  sooty pangare gold champagne splash christmas bells (pearl, silver and flaxen carrier) 
Genotype:  ee aa nprl nCh nZ nf nP nSty nSpl BlsBls 
Gender:  Mare
Age: 5 years
Height:  16.1 hh
Breed:  Pure Nordanner 

Sire; A40 Cinnamon Bells
Dam; A41 Sugar 


1. 4TheLoveOfAnimation - Used
2. ANIMALGIRL1869 - Used ( Given by 4TheLoveOfAnimation in rng raffle)
3. WhiteWoodWardens - Usable (given by BrownCoatWhit, given by 4TheLoveOfAnimation)
4. GECK0e  - Usable (Given by 4TheLoveOfAnimation)
5. ANIMALGIRL1869 - Usable ( Given by 4TheLoveOfAnimation in rng raffle)
6. Blackhills-EC Used
7. chibrule Used
8. EmeraldTheWolf - Used
9. chibrule Used
10. CrazedxMia usable

11.(Won in Newbie Gala 2016) inapatricia Usable 
12. (Won in Alerian Arena 2016) Closed

1. A3699
2. Foal Design A4100
6. Bellatrix   Draked </3 
7. Tinkerbell Deceased </3
8. A3856 EM's Bells of Krampus


Note to self; 4theloveofanimation can choose keep slots for herself or give them away

Reference by LuDa-Stock
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My slot resulted in foal A5668 and is owned by Katchihe as far as I know :)

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Genes <3 going for the second set <3 now to get it designed lol
Geno: ee aa nSty ZZ nf nSb nBls
Color: Sooty Chestnut Sabino Christmas Bells (silver and flaxen carrier)
Geno: Ee Aa StySty ZZ nP nprl nf nSb nSpl nBls
Color: Sooty Silver Pangare Bay Sabino Splash Christmas Bells (flaxen and pearl carrier)
chibrule's avatar
Damn, love that second geno! Looking forward to seeing the foalie<3
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
that's if I can find someone to help me with the design lol. <3 thank you
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
hi sweety. I think I found a stallion to put to this girl. Would it be ok to use this stallion please?
1052 WW Adall by WhiteWoodWardens
chibrule's avatar
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
oh yay!! thank you so much sweety. will let you know when the genes come in <3
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
hi sweety. ummm my first slot there was used a long time ago. here is the foal design. though I had gifted the foal to a friend, kind of regret it as the foal came out so pretty hhahaah.. 
Foal Design A4100
Just wanted you to know. Not sure what shes gonna do with it. Would love to get it back if she don't want it. Gotta try to get ahold of her. 

But also wanted to let you know that I won this years raffle as well. So I don't plan on giving this one up lol. Not sure who I will put your pretty mare to...but should be a pretty baby no matter what <3 
christmasbells giveaway! WINNER announced
If you could please let me know when the slot would be available to use, that would be great. Thank you so much for the slot to the both of you! 4TheLoveOfAnimation and chibrule :huggle: :love: 
chibrule's avatar
Updated for you darling! The slot is available to use whenever you're ready to use it Hug 
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
Thank you so much sweety :tighthug: 
Rendou-Animated's avatar
Hey i'd love to do the last giveaway soon if that's okay
chibrule's avatar
Of course, that's totally fine! :)
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Hey There! Could you mark my slot down please?
I won a slot to her here: GIVEAWAY- WINNNER- Bells slot
chibrule's avatar
Updated that for you :) 
GECK0e's avatar
Thank You so much ^^
Rendou-Animated's avatar
Ohhh look at her she's gorgeous! :D 
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Pretty girl!
chibrule's avatar
thank you! Love Love her to pieces already Giggle 
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I love the christmas bell mutation :D Maybe one day i can get myself one!! The green looks great with the champagne here!!
chibrule's avatar
squee, thank you! :D You should keep a look out <3 I've put one slot up for offers and there may be a giveaway at some point in the future, but that's yet to confirmed :3
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