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Hey everyone!

Winner annouced:

Art Contest final journal! (SweetyBat, ChibiYvi)Hello everyone!
First we want to thank you so much for all your beautiful pictures! It wasn't easy to choose between all this amazing stuff! 
But now we have chosen:
1st Prize goes to:

This is really a beautiful masterpiece!
We love the colors and the way Stacie-Love drew our beloved fairy friends Yuri and Sayuri!
They seems to be so happy flying around in the cherry trees...
The expression, the background and all the little details are full of love!
This magical piece has enchanted us!
Thank you so much for your entry and we hope you will enjoy your prizes!
2nd Prize goes to:

This picture was really ca

We (SweetyBat and ChibiYvi) decided to make an art contest as a THANKS to OUR WATCHER!

What can you win? (There are 3 prizes and NEW one random prize)

1st Prize:

Fullbody with simple Background by ChibiYvi
Halfbody with simple Background by SweetyBat
[Request] Wii Swich by SweetyBat  [Raffle Prize] Arietta with Speedpaint by SweetyBat 
Pixelicon with eyeblinking and one extra animation by SweetyBat
3000 Points donated by The-WonderSlug La jumping in Points 
1 year Core-Membership donated by The-WonderSlug :bademoticon: 
Chibi donated by Izayaslove123
Chibi donated by Pixiel1995
Chibi donated by FanYue <da:thumb id="2972751440172084"/>
Chibi donated by Milavana Nothing On You by Milavana
Coloured Bust Sketch donated by Lucina-Waterbell  Happy Megumi by Lucina-Waterbell
Half body digital-colored donated by TheKikkaKibaz Aidan Crow (Contest Entry) by TheKikkaKibaz
Fullbody donated by Lulu-E Surprise gift for Senpai by Lulu-E
Chibi donated by Midzumi-chan Menhera theme adopt 10 by Midzumi-chan
Fullbody and a chibi donated by PaintBrush87 <da:thumb id="692310865"/>
Fullbody and a chibi donated by TotallyInsaneAtTheMo [Gift]- Komomo by TotallyInsaneAtTheMo [ADOPT]- Ari +Speedpaint [OPEN] by TotallyInsaneAtTheMo
Halfbody donated by MelodyLuna <da:thumb id="700451589"/>

×2 bust shots,×1 pagedoll, ×1 Chibi full body, ×1 reference sheet, ×2 eye shots donated by Kuroemii<da:thumb id="704907361"/>
1x Chibi from LunaMoonChi
1x fullbody fullcolord chibi from chirisuuu  Commission: Mist Elmbarn by chirisuuu

2nd Prize:

Bust Shot by ChibiYvi
Ych by SweetyBat
Pixelicon with eyeblinking by SweetyBat
2000 Points donated by The-WonderSlug Catch them points 
Half body pen sketch donated by TheKikkaKibaz That Butler, The Violinist by TheKikkaKibaz
Chibi donated by Izayaslove123
shaded and colored headshot donated by ToshiToshiDraws
Fullbody donated by Pixiel1995
chibi animal donated by HaruRyomaru86 <da:thumb id="690411233"/>
Halfbody donated by PaintBrush87 <da:thumb id="692310865"/>
Halfbody donated by MelodyLuna <da:thumb id="700451589"/>
Fullbody donated by WilliamRumley Luna's Selfie by WilliamRumley
Fullbody donated by aciampal Shy Student Girl by aciampal
×2 bust shots,×1 pagedoll,×1 ref sheet, 2x eyeshots donated by Kuroemii<da:thumb id="706627032"/> <da:thumb id="707316534"/>
1x headshot from MaykaDyna Comm-alisha01 by MaykaDyna
2x Chibi fullbody from VliegendeFiets Wyago by VliegendeFiets

1x Chibi from LunaMoonChi

3rd Prize:

Bust Shot by ChibiYvi
Pixelicon with eyeblinking by SweetyBat
1000 Points donated by The-WonderSlug Catch them points
Chibi donated by Izayaslove123
Halfbody donated by Pixiel1995
Headshot sketch donated by TheKikkaKibaz  Style... change? by TheKikkaKibaz
Bustshot donated by Lolikart [Art trade] with Lilysusanne by Lolikart
chibi donated by HaruRyomaru86 Hikari by HaruRyomaru86
Bustshot donated by PaintBrush87 <da:thumb id="692310865"/>
Halfbody donated by MelodyLuna <da:thumb id="700451589"/>
Chibi donated by aciampal Demon Chibi by aciampal
×1 ref sheet, x2 eyeshots donated by Kuroemii<da:thumb id="705939891"/>
1x headshot from MaykaDyna Comm-alisha02 by MaykaDyna
1x Chibi from LunaMoonChi
1x realism headshot of any oc or person from OniEcho bts jimin fanart by OniEcho


Because of so many beautiful entries, we decided that there will be an extra prize selected via a radome procedure.
So everyone has a chance to win!
The 4th winner will get two Icons (one from ChibiYvi and one from SweetyBat) and 100 Points!

1x Chibi from LunaMoonChi
1x halfbody from AdorablePeach Fun Beach Times by AdorablePeach

:D !!!Thanks to all the donators!!! :D

Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Dark PinkPixel Rose Divider 2 - Dark PinkPixel Rose Divider 2 - Dark Pink

Rules to enter

1. You have to be a watcher of SweetyBat and ChibiYvi (Of course new watchers are welcome, but please don't unwatch us after this. \(>/o/<)/ That's just rude!)
2. Please advertise this contest in a journal or poll
3. tag some people (optional)
4. Comment what you have done in this journal
5. Remember to make your entry before the deadline!

Rules for drawing

:bademoticon: Do not use bases, trace others' art, or steal. Draw them on your own. You will be caught!
:bademoticon: You're free to do more than one entry though it does not increase your chance to win.
:bademoticon: You can draw them (even the semirealism charas!!!) in anime/manga, chibi, pixel and semirealsm art! Choose the style what you want!
:bademoticon: We will be judging on how well you portray the characters, your concept, etc.
:bademoticon: Please don't draw them as couples, they are just friends :D (Big Grin) but you are free to draw more than just one character in a picture! (Look at the relationships! Please don't add other ocs than the listed ones)
:bademoticon: Please do not draw NSFW or nudity! No gore, no blood, no violence
:bademoticon: Feel free to ask questions!
:bademoticon: Please only submit FULLY COLORED entries.
:bademoticon: Background is desired 

Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Dark PinkPixel Rose Divider 2 - Dark PinkPixel Rose Divider 2 - Dark Pink


Our OCs

Bunny (SweetyBat's oc)
Appearence: blonde hair, white/grey bunny ears, sexy blue dress. She looks cute and/or sexy.
She likes: roses, cute things like stuffed animals (her favorite is a baby bunny), butterflies, sunsets, rain.
She hates: to wear trousers, winter, dogs
Relationship: good friends with Lissy
Other references: Bunny

Lissy(ChibiYvi's oc)
Appearence: She is a cute black cat girl, with a fluffy tail, green eyes and a short Black dress and cute shoes.
She likes:butterflys and flowers and she loves to cuddle with others and milk!
She hates: spiders and dogs, to be alone
Relationship: good friends with Bunny

  Yuri - Fairy sitting in the flower field by SweetyBat
(SweetyBat's oc)
Appearence: cute fairy, long dark blue hair, blue eyes., blue transparent wings, no shoes
She likes: flowers, butterflies and sunsets.
She hates: rain, winter
Relationship: Best friend is Sayuri

Sayuri(ChibiYvi's oc)
Appearence: cute fairy, long pink hair, pink/pruple eyes., butterfly wings, no shoes
She likes: flowers(cherryblossoms), diamonds, the colour pink and nighttime
She hates: rain, winter
Relationship: Best friend is Yuri

Ariana(SweetyBat's oc)
Appearence: cute fairy, pink hair, pink eyes, pink dress/bikini
She likes: swimming in the moonlight, night, sitting in flowers, crystals, to be alone
She hates: too much sun, many people
Other references: Ariana with dress

Luna(ChibiYvi's oc)

Appearence: cute black angle, black hair, blue eyes, silver white dress
She likes: sleeping in the moonlight, night, sitting on clouds, to be alone and watch others from above
She hates: sadness

Julie(SweetyBat's oc)
Appearence: brown hair, green eyes, blue dress and shoes, flowers in the hair
She likes: flowers, sun, dancing, to be happy, szuffed animals(bears...)
She hates: rain,to be sad
Relationship: Friend with Lissy, a good angle (Luna) gives her advice

Have fun!

Deadline(extended): 7th January 2018

:iconhandsomekiiro: :iconiris7x: :iconreenaki: :iconmilli1850: :icon5thsunshine: :iconmiri-senpai: :iconm4gnusomega: :iconsartika3091:
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Ooooh Man! If I knew that there was a contest of drawing own characters I would join. MAN I'M SO DUMB T_T