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So I Herd U Liek PlushTrapz? - FNAF FLASH GAME

A little fun game based on the Mudkip version("So I Herd U liek Mudkipz?").  And made to celebrate Scott's release of FNAF 4!

GAMEPLAY: Click on either the left or right Plushtrap when its name appears! (Plush is the left one and Trap is the right one). Be sure to click on the correct one, or else you lose! See how far you can get! Comment scores so I know who is the best! 

:star:ALSO, Freddy's Jumpscare Factory v2.5 just came out! It features new characters like BB and Phantom and Puppet and has many new features, like daily free parts!:star: Go download it or update it here! 

If you want to play a Five Nights Dating Simulation, play Five Nights of Love!……

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plush trap like me i got 39

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Plushtrap lieks me!!

i liek plushtrap Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Plushtrap

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I loev plush. trap.

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i love this one as well amazing job

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Plushtrap likes me!

Ladybabybattleaxe's avatar
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Plushtrap lieks me: if you pass 25 he likes you

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I liek Plushtrap
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Plushtrap lieks me!

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I liek plushtrap! this is fun and challenging. cute too! I like how the plushtraps say parts of there names. so cute.

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plushtrap lieks me

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I LIKE PLUSHTRAP! My score was 13! :3
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Plushtrap lieks me!!

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plushtrap lieks me!

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plushtrap lieks me!
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