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Five Nights of Love-FNAF Dating Sim FLASH GAME



UPDATE: Check out my newest FNAF Dating Sim!…

:star:UPDATE::star:  VERSION 2 is out! Play here:…

:star:UPDATE::star: Due to popular demand, I've released the mobile version on the Google Play store for Android, Amazon App Store AND Apple App Store! Go download it here(Android):…
And here for iOS:…

:star: Download Five Nights At Jumpscare Academy(a FNAF dating sim/mystery!) for your mobile phone for FREE :star:

6/17/15: ALSO PLAY THE NEW UPDATED VERSION! Five Nights Of Love v1.5 - FNAF Dating Sim GAME New endings, new game mechanics, more fun!

The first and only :heart:dating:heart: sim for Five Nights At Freddy's (at least on DeviantArt at least!)! Enjoy! :love:
A late April Fools joke that spiraled out of control as a sort of love simulator parody and became bigger than I thought(which is why I wasn't able to post it on time either :XD:)
There are 5 Routes you can take and 5 endings! Have fun!

You are the new security guard and you can talk to the animatronics which live in the place and gain their love.  Like other dating sims, you gain love points every time you talk or do something with them.  See what happens if you get 100% on a route! Pretty simple! Like in FNAF, the animatronics will move around in the camera locations, and it may be harder to find that one animatronic you want to date!!!

Leave comments about what ending you got, or your score! I'll keep a high score table here!
RECORD: :iconlancethegawd:345 points fnaf dating sim

In more exciting news, the iOS version of Freddy's Jumpscare Factory has come out! Download it and leave a comment please! :huggle: I'll love you if you do! :…
Android version:…
Deviantart link: Freddy's Jumpscare Factory -FNAF Character Creator
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foxy looks so adorable in that suit i love it amazing job