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Can You Escape Heartbreak- Undertale Inspired GAME

Hi guys! So I've just finished the update for Can You Escape Heartbreak, a game that's the sequel to Can You Escape Fate (Can You Escape Fate? Undertale Inspired GAME), and  Can You Escape Love (Can You Escape Love? v1.1 Undertale OC Game)!  It's heavily inspired by Undertale, and is almost a parody of it (there are lots of references if you can find them!).  It features a long original story, and should be a lot of fun! I've incorporated a lot of new attacks and story elements!  The game is split into 4 episodes, and episodes are auto-saved when you beat them. Right now, only 2 episodes are released, but I will release new episodes throughout the next months! 

Download the exe/app here!…
Newgrounds link:…

It's also on mobile so download here for free! <3 : 
Android: Link to Android version!
iOS:Link to iOS version!

:star: The STORY :star:

Promo video:…

You're a love doctor who rose to fame in 2017 and has the ability to fix any heart, but can you save your own? Can You Escape Heartbreak is a fresh take on a trippy new bullet hell style dodge ’em up that combines fast paced combat with point & click room escape puzzles.

Trapped with an insane yandere rooster's children, you must purge their broken hearts to escape before it’s too late. Collect mysterious clues, defend yourself against relentless bullet hell attacks from creepy skeletons and reapers, experience a heart-wrenching RPG story, and survive long enough to uncover the secrets behind your own past. 

Before 2017 breaks down and all is lost, dive under the tragic tale of a love doctor and the New Year. You are the only one who can change your life. How far will you go to fix heartbreak? Can you escape?

Move around with your mouse during the bullet hell battles! 
Point and Click Escape the Room - Click around to find and use items to escape!

Set time back in motion and resume the Zodiac Cycle by fighting your way to the New Year! 


3 battles with 20+ unique attacks. Innovative Bullet hell gameplay never seen before! 

A broken glitchy world with secrets around every corner! See your favorite 2017 Memes brought to life! 

3 enemies to defeat or befriend. Who should you sacrifice and who should you save?

3 Different Endings to find!
Many secrets and mysteries to solve! Discover the truth under the tale of your own past.

Challenge your friends to fight for the number one spot on the leaderboards! See how you stack up against the world! 


Original game: Can You Escape Love? v1.1 Undertale OC Game
Sequel to original game: Can You Escape Fate? Undertale Inspired GAME

:star: DOWNLOAD THE GAME FOR MOBILE DEVICES HERE for FREE! ::star: I will :heart: you if you leave a review/download it! :) 
Android: Link to Android version!
iOS:Link to iOS version!

Download the second game, Can You Escape Fate!
Android:Link to Android version!
iOS: Link to iOS version!
Amazon: Link to Amazon version!

Download the first game, Can You Escape Love!
Android:Link to Android version!
iOS: Link to iOS version!
Amazon: Link to Amazon version!

Note: Look forward to new characters and more episodes and endings and easter eggs in future updates! Also, let me know if you have any concerns/see any bugs! Also, if you want to make a video or anything on the game please let me know! :) 

Have fun and post your records! 
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THANKS SO MUCH to my Beta testers who poured over this game and helped me out with gameplay, bugs, grammar, and everything in between! <3 you guys:

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