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Game of Thrones Tarot: Daenerys Targaryen

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Yesterday I announced a new series and *drum roll* *cheering* here it is! A Game of Thrones themed Tarot-Card series! I wanted to do this since I started watching this awesome show, but never found the muse to do so. Since I am now already afraid, that the show might end before I finally got my butt up (I see a parallel to George there ^.~), I just gave it a try, and I am more than pleased with the outcome. You can expect around 2 Tarot cards each month (cause you know, time ^^), so don't miss this opportunity and become a patron today to get the unlocked version already for 1$ or the "color me" version for 2$. If you haven´t become a patron yet, don´t miss this chance and join today to get the whole package and all previous linearts of this month!  Become a Patron

Special Hint: The next card will be "The Temperance". Write me a comment who you think it will be. Everyone of you has one try, if you are right, you will get the temperance black version in high resolution for free!

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This modified lines are free to color for private use! Click on download (on the right) to get the black version, use the purchase button to get the original lines without black as well as the card without copyright in full resolution for 200 points or join me on patreon.

Characters: Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
drawn with ink pens: :iconchibivi-linearts: 08-2017

"You are small men. None of you are fit to lead. But I am. So I will."


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Game of Thrones Tarot: Daenerys Targaryen Colored by Maiko-Girl I colored this lineart,better late than never. :tighthug:
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looks great! thanks for the link! ^^
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Super cute! Love it.
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Im one of the few people that do not watch "Game of Thrones" but this is lovely and i love tarot cards!
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Oh really?! Ö-Ö What a pity! I guess you've broken my husbands fan heart a bit with this comment. XD Well maybe you totally want to watch the series once you've seen my Tarot Cards. ^.~ I highly recommend it.
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