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Fire Emblem Chibi | Lucina


Get the lineart for coloring here!

Now my first Fire Emblem Awakening Chibi bundle is completed! *.* Lucina is Nr. 5 and now since I've finished her lineart I can start coloring all chibis (5 from Awakening + Ike) to order Merchandise like Charms and co. of them. I'm so excited. :heart:

December Reward

  • Tier 1: white version in full resolution ( 2.2k * 3.0k px * 300dpi )
  • Tier 3: .psd file with all layers ( separate lines and eyes layer included )

Merchandise like  for example a keychain of this Chibi will be available in 2018, stay tuned!

Support1 by Chibivi-Linearts

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These modified lines in low resolution are free to color for private use! Click on download (on the right) to get the black version, use the purchase button to get the original lines without black fillings in full resolution for 50 points or join me on patreon.

Character: Lucina from Fire Emblem Heroes | Awakening by Nintendo

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Fire Emblem Chibi - Lucina Colored by Maiko-Girl I colored Lucina here.
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
She's lovely but I totally agree with your opinion on all the blue colors XD
Black-Bird-Zaiden's avatar
Can't..... Withstand.... Cuteness!!!!!
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
Aqua-Yagami's avatar
I was hoping you'd do her! She's my absolute favorite FE character!
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
Nice to hear. ^-^ I'll definitely draw her again next year since I made a poll on my other account Eldervi and she won. :heart: 
Aqua-Yagami's avatar
She's what got me into FE, so I look forward to it!
Sephy90's avatar
Got her recently. ^^
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
Nice ^^ Me too in her brave version, which is really cool!
Sephy90's avatar
Got her brave version as well along with her Spring one. ^^
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
Awwww the spring one is so cute *.* I'm jealous!
Sephy90's avatar
And the spring one introduces the replacement VA for Laura Bailey which is Alexis Tipton who is a known VA who did characters like Musubi from Sekirei for example. ^^
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