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Fire Emblem Chibi | Ike

Get the lineart for coloring here!

I guess you'll agree with me that Ike is the "must have" character from Fire Emblem since I suppose everyone knows him, even thoes who dosn't know Fire Emblem at all. XD Yes he's quite pupular but he deserves it, I always enjoy drawing him, I loved his FE Games and I like his character so here we go, the next Mini Chibi had to be him.

December Patreon Reward

  • Tier 1: white version in full resolution ( 3.2k * 3.2k px * 300dpi )
  • Tier 3: .psd file with all layers ( separate lines and eyes layer included )

Merchandise like  for example a keychain of this Chibi will be available in 2018, stay tuned!

Support1 by Chibivi-Linearts

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These modified lines in low resolution are free to color for private use! Click on download (on the right) to get the black version, use the purchase button to get the original lines without black fillings in full resolution for 50 points or join me on patreon.

Character: Ike from Fire Emblem Heroes | Path of Radiance | Radiant Dawn by Nintendo

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Fire Emblem Chibi - Ike Colored by Maiko-Girl Im finally finished! So happy that i got to color one of my favorite male FE characters. Love 
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Yay Ike! Nice to see him colored by you *-* He's one of my favorites too!
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Pixel: Ike In the Wind Just started coloring your Ike Chibi and i have a quick question regarding the cape thats showing on the left side of his body,is it supposed to be the front or back of his cape? In my head it can be both but as his cape is two-colored i want to get the colors right.
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Nice to hear you started coloring him ^^
It was meant to be the insight of his cape so it would be for example beige if you go with the original colors.
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Thanks! Im actually working on coloring severeal of your linearts,im sort of jumping from one to another as inspiration hits me (or dissapear) and im waiting for some promarkers i bought online so i can try and finish some of them,as i found myself out of stock of several colors.Sweating a little... 
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
Oh wow, I'm so excited to see them! *-*
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He isn't going to look so adorable when he's wrecked your entire army :D
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
Well you're right. XD In this case, let's hope he stands on the right side. ^^
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Oh yes, always :D
FALCHI0N's avatar
Nawww! He looks so cute! Ike is literally the best lord. My absolute favourite Fire Emblem character. Great work on the drawing!!
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
Thank you so much and that's great to hear! :heart:
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Woooow, i love it >.<
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This is really cute! I like the line art, it's very crisp and clean. You also did a good job with the details of his armor, it's detailed but not overly done and still fits the cute aesthetic. Keep up the good work! :)
Chibivi-Linearts's avatar
thank you very much for your lovely comment, It's always great to hear that someone sees the details and work behind a lineart even if it's just such a cute little chibi! Thank you!
Hablade's avatar
You're welcome! You're a talented artist and a kind person, you deserve to know what a good job you've done. And of course I can see all that; something this detailed and pleasant to look at doesn't spring up out of thin air. I can tell you put a good amount of time and effort into making this look as good as it does :D
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