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Greetings! It's Lily.

Username refers to Japanese rock band UVERworld btw.

I don't take requests so I don't give free art, I only take commissions. Do not blindly note me to ask for free art.

+[F2U] Commission: open+

Commission Rules: (If you're into the things I will not draw, find a different artist please.)

-I do not draw certain fetish art so please do not ask me to draw your fetishes (No vore, no inflation, no foot fetish, no shit fetish, no fart fetish, no vaporization, no ryona, no rape, no male pregnancy, no diaper fetish, no futanari, no muscle fan art involving male muscle anatomy like male pecs of female characters, no feederism, no CP, no pee fetish, no crushing fetish)

-No fan art of media, celebrities, or fictional characters (even if they're from my favorite franchises) I dislike or not a fan of, ask an artist who is actually into the franchises you also like, not me.

-No fan art of criminals of any kind, especially serial killers or school shooters. If you're a fangirl/fanboy of Ted Bundy, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Dylann Roof, Nicholas Cruz, Eliot Rodger, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. please go away and harass someone else.

I will not draw fan art of:

-Twilight Saga characters

-Justin Bieber (I don't hate him but I'm not a fan of him.)

-Shawn Mendez (I don't hate him but I'm not a fan of him.)



-Tila Tequila

-J. K. Rowling (Love Harry Potter but not her.)

-Blaire White




-Sangwoo Oh (I love Killing Stalking but I hate Sangwoo)

-Crayon Shin-chan

-Boku no Pico

-School Days

-Shojo Tsubaki


-Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

-The Problem Solverz

-Bendy (Love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends but I hate Bendy because who doesn't?)

-James Charles (I don't hate him but I'm not a fan of him)

-Ariana Grande (I don't hate her but I'm not a fan of her)

-Butch Hartman

-Chris Savino

-John Kricfalusi

-Shane Dawson


-Jessica Yaniv

-Lovely Peaches

-Cardi B

-Shallon Lester

-Tana Mongeau

-Logan Paul

-Jake Paul


-Nicole Arbour

-Nash Grier

-Cameron Dallas

-Carter Reynolds

-Austin Mahone (I don't hate him but I'm not a fan of him)

-One Direction (I don't hate them but I'm not a fan of them. Just because I used to be a fan of them doesn't mean I will draw them.)

-5 Seconds of Summer (I don't hate them but I'm not a fan of them.)

-The Wanted (I don't hate them but I'm not a fan of them.)

-Danielle Brigoli



-Simply Kenna


-The Kissing Booth

-Fifty Shades of Grey

-365 Days

-Riverdale (I don't hate it just not a fan)

-13 Reasons Why

-The Forest (2016)

This isn't all of it but I'm pretty sure people will figure out from the commissions what I like and dislike.

Buy Me Coffee:

ibis Paint:


No Requests
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Favourite Visual Artist
Yoshitaka Amano, Hayao Miyazaki, Yusuke Murata, Akira Amano, Noizi Ito, Tetsuya Nomura
Favourite Movies
Nezha, White Snake, Akira, Harry Potter movies, Ringing Bell, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Felidae
Favourite TV Shows
Sengoku Basara, One Punch Man, Sanrio Boys, School Babysitters, Chihayafuru
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
UVERworld, Hitomi Takahashi, Ling Tosite Sigure, AAA, 2NE1, B.A.P, BTS, IU, Stereopony
Favourite Books
Misery, It, Carrie, The Catcher in the Rye, Brave Story, Norwegian Wood, Harry Potter
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, Miyuki Miyabe, Haruki Murakami, Gen Urobuchi, J. K. Rowling
Favourite Games
Persona 5, Dead or Alive, Sengoku Basara, Resident Evil, Trauma Center, Fire Emblem
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii, PS4, iOS
Tools of the Trade
Ibis Paint X, MediBang, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Too SAI, & Krita
Other Interests
Nendoroids, Figmas, Vocaloid, origami, utaite

Who is this? Is this any of you?

Who is this? Is this any of you?

This is for my followers, which one of you goes by "shhquietgirl" on Instagram? I got a DM on Instagram this morning by shhquietgirl, claiming she's one of my followers on Deviantart. Here is the following conversation (If you don't know the whole story, please read my "Getting it off my chest" journal series before reading this otherwise you might end up siding with shhquietgirl.) Keep in mind, if you actually have a foot fetish, don't take this personally because I'm not generalizing foot fetishists as all creepy predators who sexually harass people. I'm addressing bad apples. If you're not one of the bad apples, then why are you even offended and getting defensive? If y'all are wondering, YES, I'm suspicious because so many predators obsessed with feet would pretend to be trustworthy so that they can extort feet pictures from me. I have the right to be suspicious considering the trauma and disrespect I endured. I did make YouTube videos ranting about my
Episode 2 of Green-Eyed Monsters is available to read.
This semester starts on 1/19 and ends on 5/8. I won't be on much because I haven't been on much because I don't have much to share, trying to take a break from social media after my traumatic experience (If you've read my "Getting it off my chest" j

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Thank you for the fave.

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BTW, do you think that racism towards other European ethnicities is a very overlooked?