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A SpongeBob SquarePants Cosplay



Hey Everyone! ~ ♥ :iconspongebobplz:

I have absolutely NO IDEA Why I drew that seriously XDD
It makes nooo sens, everybody can breathe underwater except
Plus, according to this drawing, the daughter of a squid is a squirrel... WHAT THE HELL ?! XDD

I could do Shiro as Mr. krabs and Akane as Pearl, But I thought it wasn't sticking enough to their actuals personalities, So I made Shiro as Squidward and Akane as Sandy x'DD
Also Hikaru shouldn't be Patrick but Gary since he is absolutely the opposit of dumb and is...kind of a pet °_° but hey... He looks cute in pink OwO *And he's Sanzo's best friend so XDD*

Jesus, looking at this makes me hungry >^<' I wonder what a a Krabby Patty taste like O.O It must be... Salty...and...wet °_° (what? XDD)

...Now, I'm going to steal that recipe, and make one myself OHOHOH ÒwÓ :iconplanktonplz:!!!!

Art & Characters (c) :iconchibistarproductions:
SpongeBob Universe (c) the amazing Stephen Hillenburg
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Spongebob looks like Harry Potter.