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A SpongeBob SquarePants Cosplay

Hey Everyone! ~ ♥ :iconspongebobplz:

I have absolutely NO IDEA Why I drew that seriously XDD
It makes nooo sens, everybody can breathe underwater except
Plus, according to this drawing, the daughter of a squid is a squirrel... WHAT THE HELL ?! XDD

I could do Shiro as Mr. krabs and Akane as Pearl, But I thought it wasn't sticking enough to their actuals personalities, So I made Shiro as Squidward and Akane as Sandy x'DD
Also Hikaru shouldn't be Patrick but Gary since he is absolutely the opposit of dumb and is...kind of a pet °_° but hey... He looks cute in pink OwO *And he's Sanzo's best friend so XDD*

Jesus, looking at this makes me hungry >^<' I wonder what a a Krabby Patty taste like O.O It must be... Salty...and...wet °_° (what? XDD)

...Now, I'm going to steal that recipe, and make one myself OHOHOH ÒwÓ :iconplanktonplz:!!!!

Art & Characters (c) :iconchibistarproductions:
SpongeBob Universe (c) the amazing Stephen Hillenburg
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Spongebob looks like Harry Potter.
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Has anyone noticed that Sandy looks like Hetalia's Hungary in this photo? Hungary and Chibi Italy (Pat) [V6] Chibi Hungary-01 (Smile) [V2] 
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How cute :D
I don't yet know your characters, but I actually found this through a link on facebook...… I guess they thought it was fanart ^^;
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Thank you! :heart:
Oooh, I see o_o'! Darn it, I hope it's ok for them °-° 
Yet I'm really glad you linked me this, I can't actually believe my piece of art was used in a smosh top :iconohmygodplz: Thank you :heart:  !
(Humph. I should redo this piece talking about it...Or actually make a real anime style version of the show)
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So adoooooorbz o///v///o :heart:
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this is sooo Adorable
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Aww Thanks so much! :33 :heart:
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The Spongebob krabby patty is so huggable.

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SpongeBob is nice coplays!!!! XDDD ha ha ha <3
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Merci INFINIMENT pour ne pas avoir fait un nez bizaroïdes à Shiro XDDD
Sinon chouette dessin!!!

P.S. Je sais pas si t'as lu mon message FB... Mais comment tu fais pour taguer qqun sur une note de DA? Pour le truc des 99 vérités là ^^
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JAJAJAJAJA XDDD Je n'aurais jamais fais une chose pareille! XDDD
Merci beaucoup! :33

Ahhh Désolée je ne suis pas beaucoup sur FB ces temps-ci étant donné que ma maman squatte un peu mon compte pour jouer à un jeu >< (sans commentaires XDD j'y vais maintenant OwO)
Ahhhh! Et bien c'est tout bête, tu met le pseudo de la personne avec le mot "icon" devant et deux ":" à chaque extrémité! :3 exemple sans les ":" iconLionmato , et avec les deux points ça fait ça :iconlionmato: Voilouuu! X33
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Soka soka!!!
Punaise fallait la trouver l'astuce!!!
Bon ba go hein!
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Aye Aye! ^^
Je me réjouis de voir! ÒwÓ Have fun! :3
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I saw the preview from the group and instantly thought SpongeBob :XD:

Interesting image and nicely done! I am curious though how SpongeBob become a Krabby patty - perhaps he fell into the Krabby Patty machine lol :D
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Aha! XDD
Thanks a lot! ^^ Actually I really wanted to put his face somewhere but not knowing where to put it, I remembered an episode where spongebob's head was a giant patty, I instantly drew that... Or he could fall in the Krabby Patty machine as well! xD
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