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Take a Chance
This was unlike anything she had ever felt before.
There were different types of cold with which she was more than familiar. There was the fleeting, almost friendly cold. The kind of cold that was just a tickle at the back of the neck, a momentary chill brushing across the skin. There was the deeper, more pronounced cold. The kind of cold that seeped into bones, arteries, musculature, clinging with a relentless grip that was nearly impossible to shake. There was the all-encompassing, suffocating cold. The kind of cold that was frigid and paralyzing, the kind that brought death upon anyone it happened to touch.
This felt nothing like that. No, it was worse. Painful. Dark. So dark. Darker than the shadows lurking in corners, darker than nightfall folding over the remnants of daytime, darker than the inky blackness behind the eyelids when one dropped off the precipice of awareness and into the abyss of unconsciousness.
The bizarre part of this whole thing was...she shouldn't have been abl
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Desktop Screenshot 6 by ChibiStarLyte Desktop Screenshot 6 :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 0 0 Aekea Banner by ChibiStarLyte Aekea Banner :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 1 0 Enemy Mine by ChibiStarLyte Enemy Mine :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 0 0 The Ice Man by ChibiStarLyte The Ice Man :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 0 0 Smoke by ChibiStarLyte Smoke :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 0 0
Zayne's long legs were a blur as he bolted down the hall to his sanctioned bedchamber, carting several heavy tomes in his arms. His muscles strained to hold all the spell books, but he managed to make it through the doorway and to his bed, where he tossed them haphazardly onto the blankets. He dashed over to slam and lock his door. No doubt that Master Linarr would soon notice several things amiss—he had to get to work, and fast. If the old fool refused to teach him these higher-level spells, Zayne vowed to just teach himself. He was so desperate that he risked sneaking into the Master's personal stores, which were off-limits for good reason. He had to learn these spells. Six months of tedious and arduous training was more than enough preparation. He was ready, damn it! Master Linarr underestimated him. Tonight, he would prove him wrong.
He flipped through the dusty, yellowing pages of the largest tome, searching fervently for that one spell he yearned to master abov
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The Game
Numb, trembling fingers picked up the rusted bronze knocker, clacking it against the chipped and fading wood. The man waited, drawing his black, drenched trench tighter around himself. A ruthless wind blew, angling the sleet from the heavy storm clouds. Peridot eyes watched the door intensely. The creaking of the doorknob was nigh inaudible in the drumming of the freezing rain. The door slid ajar, just enough for an amber iris to peer out from the dark depths of the building.
"Can I help you?" said a muffled voice, deeper than expected for a woman.
The man straightened his posture a bit. Clearing his throat of copious amounts of phlegm, he said, "My name is John Rixaen. I require your services."
A chilly silence held thick in the air before the eye disappeared into blackness. The door opened fully, revealing a shadowy corridor leading to a poorly-lit kitchen.
"Do come in. I'll put on some tea." Her tone sounded anything but hospitable, but John accepted the invitation nonetheless and s
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There's a faded pink ribbon,
Woven in cold, plated nickel—
It's a memory, and a reminder
Of all her grandmother fought through;
If only she hadn't left
Before saying goodbye.
There's a globe, still until spun at will,
Rotating on a pewter axis—
The world, small enough to fit in her palm
If she chooses to take it,
And yet it keeps going, on and on,
Without her.
There's a legendary weapon,
A key-shaped sword to fight the darkness
And to unlock things—
Anything, everything,
Even things that should stay locked away,
Hidden from prying eyes.
There's an aged, worn out Minnie Mouse,
Still smiling through the chipped paint—
Her childhood ended before it began,
But she still yearns for it;
Growing up is optional,
In her case, mandatory.
There's a tiny violet flashlight,
Blindingly bright for its size—
With a twist of the head,
It illuminates her way,
Either to aid her sight,
Or protect her from what's lurking in shadow.
There's a premature parting note—
"When I die
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Once is too many, twice is too soon,
Three times if any, and four is too few,
Five times the pleasure, six times the pain,
Seven times lost, another eight gained,
Nine times to win it, ten times to fall,
Eleven gives purchase, twelve missed the call,
Thirteen nights wasted, fourteen days saved,
Fifteen steps back to you, sixteen to the grave,
Seventeen heartbreaks, eighteen and run,
Nineteen to savor, with twenty I'm done.
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Glancing over my shoulder at the past,
I realize the number of drop spins I've done
Could power an entire city.
The blinding lights of the stadium
Caught the glittering lamé of the flag silks
As they twirled in my hands, whipping
And folding in the wind—my greatest enemy.
The rifle was solid, firm in my grasp,
Padded gloves packing a fingerless punch,
The satisfying snap of a quad catch well-done
Timed perfectly with the beat of the bass drums,
And my delicate, pointed leaps across the field.
Sooner or later, all shows must end—
With a crack of the leather strap on wood and tape,
The clang of the metal weight, the thud of the rubber crutch tip,
The final notes of the entire ensemble, all at once,
My labored breathing past chapped and grinning lips,
Drowned in the cheers from the crowd.
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Right Left Write
I write
With my right hand;
Not correct,
Just opposite of left.
Not better,
Not worse,
Just right.
I just write.
With the hand
That's right for me.
I write--
When someone has left,
When I need to make things right,
When three rights make a left,
And two wrongs are never right,
I write
With my right hand--
With my write hand.
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Father, She Knows
I'm devout, Father, and of a faith
That none on earth can shatter;
I believe so much in our great God,
And all to Him who matter.
But Father, I have a friend,
No greater friend than she,
Who has a sinful brand of gift:
This gift of hers, to see.
Father, I tend to heed her words,
Although I know it's wrong.
But premonition, or coincidence?
A chance not sung in song--
Father, she just
knows these things,
The things that we don't know;
She knows what things will come to pass,
The things her gift will show
And Father, I really must confess,
I ask for her advice;
Instead of guidance from the Lord,
A spoken thought is nice.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,
A path so often trod;
But is it really such a sin
To use a gift from God?
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Ian the Cavalier WIP by ChibiStarLyte Ian the Cavalier WIP :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 3 0 Nyan Mieu by ChibiStarLyte Nyan Mieu :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 2 1 Breathing Apparatus by ChibiStarLyte Breathing Apparatus :iconchibistarlyte:ChibiStarLyte 1 0


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Within the next few months, I'm going to be going through all of my old deviations and cleaning out some stuff.

More specifically, any and every piece of writing (poetry, short fiction, etc.) that I plan on submitting to literary journals and magazines will be deleted out of my gallery. The reason for this is because most journals and such don't accept work that has been published elsewhere, and even posting things up here, or on a personal blog like my tumblr, is considered "published" work and therefore will not be accepted.

I really hate to do this because I love sharing my writing with all of you, but if I want to gain a foothold in the writing world, certain measures need to be taken.

That isn't to say that I won't be updating anymore--far from it! All of the little drabbles and unpolished pieces that I never plan on doing anything with I can still share, as well as my fanfiction! Because let's face it, I WILL NEVER STOP WRITING FANFICTION! XD

On that note, however, I'm thinking about starting up a separate account for all of my fanfics, so that this account will be mainly for my own works (if I ever get around to drawing again, I'll still post up like fanart and stuff). But yeah, for those of you who still actively follow me, would you oppose or support the idea of a separate account for fanfiction? I have so many fics for the BBC Sherlock fandom that I could post up and everything...

So yeah. That's basically it for now.


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Just another writer trying to make it in the big, bad world. Eccentric, meticulous, prone to fits of fangirling. I see the world in words.



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