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I did a poll quite some time ago about which anime/manga character my watchers would like me to draw, and Nel from Bleach won :la: Also, I was encouraged by my friend, ~zoro4me3 to draw her, so that kind of makes it guaranteed :D

I thought it would be fun to tackle her centaur-esque released form at first, but the back legs gave me so much trouble to draw from the angle I wanted... My friend *xasillisax even helped me to get the alignment of her lower body to look right (thank you Weesie). At least playing with the idea of a moon behind her kept my interest.

Aside from the focus on Nel's transformation into a nearly naked bombshell with that ridiculous potato sack attire, I found her to be really cool in her attitude against Nnoitora. She certainly did a new number on his pride, huh? :#1: That lance is wicked. TAKE THAT, SPOONMAN!

Nel and Bleach belong to Tite Kubo and Shonen Jump.
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WOW! I'm not familiar with the character, but I love this piece! The pose is fantastic! She looks *really* fierce!
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YAY! :la: That makes me so happy and proud! :XD: Thank you as always! :heart:
Shes one of my Favorites
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great work:>
ChibiSofa's avatar
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you welcom:> :hug:
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Awesome job, My Dear! =D Nel is my favourite arrancarr and I think she and Grimmjow make a good couple for each other :blushes:
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yay! I'm happy you like her too! :la:
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Beautiful! :love: I love the colors, the "shattered moon" like background, and the fact that it's Nel, my favorite Espada (ex or not)! I love it!
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I'm so happy, thank you! She is an awesome Espada :la:
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No problem! :hug: She is indeed! :nod:
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Freakin' epic :'D
You sure did do her justice <3
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Woo!! :la: Thank you! :XD:
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Thank you so much!! :glomp: :blowkiss:
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Really interesting composition! Good job, Sophia!!
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Thank you Mahsa!! :glomp: I'm really proud of it :XD:
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yay! Thanks Weesie :heart:
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