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Thinking outside the box

Contest entry for Fiver's Honeycomb's WSD contest. The theme is "a quality you admire" so I made a 3-in-1 deal^^

A quality I admire: Blackberry's ability to think outside the box.
+ another quality I admire: Bluebell's ability to lighten the mood with his silliness
+ yet another thing I admire (or at least absolutely love): PUNS!

Since it is based on the book characters rather that the series I tried to make it more akin to the film designs. It came out way better than I had expected. I am very happy with it. MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy
(also ridiculously proud of that backgroundLlama Sparkle Emoticon)

Confused Fox come this looks better than the things I made when I had actual time to make them...? MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Stumped Dunno Shrug
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Blackberry: So what I figure is we infiltrate the General's warren, posing as harmless buns that want to join. TEN when we've gained some measure of trust we escape and take anumber of does with us, carefully making sure we can't be traced.

Bigwig: Sounds legit.

Blackberry: We can cross the water on a log, logs *float*

Bigwig: Da fuq?