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this is lucian.

this is a pic of me as lucian when i went to AX!!! XD

i did the sword, the shirt, and pants and my mom had to do the sewing for the trench coat because i sucked at sewing. ^^; can't sew straight.

me is from me and my mom did the pic. and...i have a wig on!!! XD
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Sweet your Lucian from Lunar knights
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Wait a second... I'm planning to cosplay Lucian Next year. (Imma gonna do it with vanargand) could you send me the links for lucian 's concept art??
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i hope i can find it for you... ^^; but i will look for the pics and send it to you if you want. ^.^

the sword is WAY easier than the scythe... i'm going to reamp the costume as soon as i can... ^^; what convention are you heading towith teh cosplay? =D
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Tsunacon in Rotterdam ;) no one will recognize me probably, but I still wanna do him. As for vanargand, I have a good friend who makes real shields and armor. He promised to help me with making the sword :D
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that's what happened to me until someone called me sabata. =3

and taht outfit sounds so awesome... can you show me the pics when it's done?

but, i can't seem to find my concepts for lucian, and i can't find the link that i used to get the art. ;.;
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Sure! :D
Don't worry I already found the concept art! :la:
I really hope someone will recognize me
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that is really awesome!!! good job!

I'm planning to cosplay Aaron soon
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YAY~! :D an arron to pester and bug and boss around~!!! :XD:

well... for me personally its hug and cuddle the arron.
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hee XD
Will you be in any conventions in california this year?
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i can only go to AX in july...that's the one i always go because of my family.

it's an family vacation to our eyes.
Ooooh! Were you the Lucien I met at AX this year? I was the Marth! We talked for a bit and I saw you again later when walking through the halls! ^_^

Also, I saw the Django cosplayer you told me about! Took a picture of her too ^3^
ChibiSakuraNinja's avatar're that marth~! :D the one with the falling apart sword that you had no choice but to hot glue it? am i right? :D

i'm happy that you found her~! ^.^ i am still stunned about that otenko stuffie and how she made it.
Yeah~ It fell off like 5 times. I had to stop at outlets periodically so I can hot-glue it back. [Majorly embarrassing when people looked at me. @3@]
Also, I finally got Lunar Knights (lol). I played Boktai 1 and 2 but have yet to try out LK. I'm simply LOVING IT!

I really want to make an Aaron cosplay for next AX. [Even though no one would recognize the character]
He's just so adorable! <3 <3
Can't believe they renamed Otenko as Toasty though. T_T
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WOW~! I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE AN ANNOYING SIDEKICK OVER AT AX NOW~!!! :XD: i 'm looking for an dumas though. ^^; so i get to smack him and glomp him. lol

and who gives if not that many would notice your character. i found that they will still take pic of you even though they don't know who you are. :3

AND I HATED THAT!!! DX but nero's cute.
I'm still deciding on whether I should make the Ninja or the Knight~
It seems cool to have duel guns, but it seems like a hassle to carry around too. DX
I already got the base done, so I just gotta paper mache and paint it now. ^^
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well...knight is his main gun... but ninja's really easy to do. ^^; that's kinda hard to choose. kinda forgot aaron does have hoisters for his guns.

I'm tempted to do Knight since it's actually easier for me to do then ninja. XD;;

Also, Aaron only has one hoister though~ And it's usually for Knight.
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actually...i think it's two... i'll check. i saved the concept art pics since i needed them for my lu outfit. ^^;
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I haven't played, or bought, Lunar Knights, but this is awesome. I have a few cosplay outfits, but not many paid attention to them.
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which cosplay outfits? :?

i just did lucian's outfit for his trench coat and sword. :nod: i'm debating whether to do Carmilla from Boktai or Rydia from FF4. with an stuffie.
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I have four costumes; Haku and Tayuya from Naruto, Kikyo from InuYasha, and Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers.
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hsien-ko?!!! D:!

OMG!!! I SO WANNA SEE THAT ONE NOW!!! you have it your gallery right?
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It needs to be fixed and I might need claws for it, too. Not to mention the hat, which I can't seem to find anywhere in the world.
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