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V-month3: Link an pr.Ruto

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^u^ hurray! link and PRINCESS RUTO?! O_o'''
like that'll ever happen!

(c) character designs to NINTENDO
(c) art to me!

specail thanks to for makeing this tutorail i randomly triped over ^u^ -> [link] it helped me with the background!

^u^ i'm so proud of myself! i'm getting better at water! =3
(just to let you know... I SUPPORT LINK X MALON!


enjoy! and please comment!~
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:D Heh, thanks a bunch bud.
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You're super welcome. ;p
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Link looks so unhappy. He's lie dammit as if fighting underwater isn't hard enough I got a creepy fish princess clinging to me. (Eve though I can't see them I assume he has iron boots on which just makes running way to much work)

And you definitely nailed the creepy crush look with Ruto.

Anyway hilarity aside this is a really pretty picture. The highlights in the water really do work quite well.

And of the OOT pairings Link and Malon make the most sense, Zelda just wanted him to save the world, and Saria will always be a child so that deosn't work. And Ruto well, this picture says all that needs saying.
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LOL! He sure does, it was so funny to watch them together in the videogame. Yeah! I never thought about those heavy boots slowing him down even more, hee hee.

The highlights with the water was so much fun to color. :D I am glad you noticed that right away.

I agree with you there with all your opinions on the zelda girls. Thank you so much for your awesome comment! :excited:
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Your most welcome, thank you for doing such a good pic :)

And really think about it, if the game hadn't happened, link would have grown up and been like screw you shorties your all jerks (except Sarria) then left, wanderered off and found the Ranch been like hey people, and they aren't all kids yeah. Then Malon would have been like hi, you like other kid in the country that's not a princess want to hang out? Then the her dad would be like hey I'm lazy yeah for chillabour and hired Link and viola Ranch hand link.
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that couple is just wrong!

its gross, man!
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I think it is funny how Ruto has a crush on Link. :giggle:
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That look Link has just screams, "Get this damn fish off of me..." lol!
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LOL, that's the funniest thing I've heard yet about this picture, thanks buddy!~
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I must say how beautiful these colours are. This is actually one of my most favorite Deviations. Favorited :D
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^u^ Thank you so kindly!~ :) I think I might fix it up later, the line art is too gray. X0
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Link has too many girlfriends, i dont even know who i support for Link.
But I do love LinkXTetra.
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lol! I don't think Link likes Ruto, but i think it is funny how she likes him and all. @o@; really i don't think Link likes any of the girls, but I can see them all paired up with him. Z_Z;
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XD true, but who does he really like?
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Sometimes I think Ilia likes Epona more than she likes Link lol
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I think that they were friends before Link got Epona...

There is an untold story about Link's childhood here.
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I know I know I was joking around lol.

Honestly, I just prefer Link runnin' around single, I do like some of the girls he bumps into but I don't have a favorite *shrugs*
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I agree link should be single, though in twilight princess their is definitely something between him and Ilia.
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XD I have no idea! *goes crazy* umm... umm... @u@; No one!
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I think Link is better off single anyway
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