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Starry Night Romance

:iconsaiyan-silk:'s request from ... I kid you not ... over 2 years ago of her and her husband.

And I finally have something I can put up for her. Because I am, in fact, that horrible of a person at requests.

x___x and its... still not what I had in my head. It doesn't look like it by any means, but this is easily the longest I've ever worked on a single picture. It was supposed to be done by valentine's day and I worked on it almost every day, but... but... I'm so just whining at this point. :cries: Drawin' is haaaaard!

Anyway, the most important detail in this picture is the starry-night theme she asked for. So... they're all... starry and pretty. Best dress I've ever done in my opinion. Very proud of it. Very proud indeed. I wanted to make a stary night sky, but... it looked redundant with the starry-ness of the two of them...soooo...its... what it is. I'm still not thrilled with the coloring, but its the best line art I've ever done. There's weight and its balanced compared to anything I've done before.

:music: music used most: Josh Groban, Frou Frou, and Death Cab for Cutie :music:

Full-full sized view is HUGE, but if you click download you can take a look at it.
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I just used this as a cover for a book I put together from shutterfly. I still absolutely love this pic.
chibipandora's avatar
*___* awwww that's so sweet. There are a few things that now I wish I could fix, but I still think it's the best dress I've ever done.It was an awesome design to work with!
Saiyan-Silk's avatar
oh yeah, I forgot, i have it as an image on my debit card too. I always get compliments on it :)
chibipandora's avatar
@______@ that's so cool
vilhelmina's avatar
Pretty dress is pretty!
DracheaRannak's avatar
Wow it looks so good that I am sure the wait was justified :)
Loved her hair and her dress... omg the best part!
Cha-ki's avatar
:heart: SO PRETTY!!! I like how her dress is light, and then there's the dark velvety cloak trailing off in swirls.

They look so happy and peaceful. The background makes me think of Northern Lights. :)

p.s. Sell the hairpiece when you're famous, too!
chibipandora's avatar
:D thank you!

X3 I'm so keeping the hairpiece for myself and friends when I'm famous.
lianaleslie's avatar
I love the dress design, especially how delicate that gauzy fabric looks, and the blue color is heavenly!
hokuto's avatar
Oh man they are so beautiful-looking - well-worth the time. :heart: I adore the detail in their clothes and the lovely rich colors... *loves happily*
chibipandora's avatar
:glomp: thank you so much!!
squidlarkin's avatar
lovely! :D I can tell you spent a lot of time on this one. ^^ The dress is so pretty!
chibipandora's avatar
love the VGcats icon!

*__* Thanks! I'm so proud of that dress.
thesupremeevil's avatar
:O oooo that dress is stunning! Very emotive peice, I like the subtle blush in her cheeks.
chibipandora's avatar
o_o Normally when I do dresses I just pick a form I like and add the bells and whistles from there. :shakefist: but this one I actually sketched out ahead of time and designed it instead of just... ya know.. playing with ruffles. :glomp: thanks for noticing the blush too!!!!
thesupremeevil's avatar
:D You really do have a talent for dresses.....
Saiyan-Silk's avatar
Wow ^_^ It is absolutely gorgeous! The dress is very very beautiful. Has it really been 2 years? I don't even remember exactly what details I requested or why I even requested it. I'll have to find some way to display it for our third second anniversary. :hug: It is so awesome! You are so the best!
chibipandora's avatar
:evillaugh: I won't lie. I kinda hoped you forgot so you weren't hating me for how long it took. o_o We did an art-thingy and you made me that nice tutorial to make stuffed green peppers and you asked for this.
Saiyan-Silk's avatar
Oh yeah lol. Don't worry, I wouldn't hate you for anything ^_^ I feel like I should make you another cooking tutorial since you put so much work into this pic. It is absolutely wonderful ^_^
chibipandora's avatar
I put a lot of work into it because I really did like the ideas you had (and because it is freakishly late), so no worries about another cooking tutorial.

... unless you were thinking of doing one anyway of course :D *is so bad at cooking*
Saiyan-Silk's avatar
If I think of a good one I might, and I'll dedicate it to you. If there is anything you really want to know how to cook, even just some tips, let me know ^_^
fAeRiEs-R-aFtEr-Me's avatar
you're right - the dress is beautiful! And i like the way the cloak sort of melts into the night, it adds to the starry night effect. One suggestion for you - try using different shades of brown for the hair color. It would make them more individual and increase your range in the pic aswell.

the gloves are cute! where can i get some??
chibipandora's avatar
You're very right about the hair and I am glad you liked the effect on the cloak. I was wondering if I pulled that off or not :D Gloves will be available in the future when I'm a famous fashion designer!! probably not anywhere anytime soon.

:D thanks so much for the comment!
fAeRiEs-R-aFtEr-Me's avatar
no worries! sad about the gloves though ... :sigh:
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