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Music Meme - I cheated... by chibipandora Music Meme - I cheated... by chibipandora
((No, I don't really expect you to read all this, but its there if you're interested.))

Okay, at the start of this it was just the most fun thing, but... Then I started thinking I should do real drawings if I were going to put work into them, but then I could just leave this, but then I never have time for full drawings, [insert excuse of your choice], etc. etc.

Meet Ariel! That is the name I'm going with and I really think I'll stick with. At one point she was just an avatar for me, but at some point I'd like to think I grew up a little more and plan to keep at that. That doesn't work well for her though, she needs to react to the storyline in my head and not to my life. So shes high schoolish me, which looks a lot like a Bella rip-off. I really need to sue that author.

#1.That guy...uh... I named him once and that file is gone now and I can't remember, so hes up for re-naming. Long story short, hes a musician of sorts and well... just check out the picture. [link]

#2. Ariel, ...ermm... I named him once I swear, and Cherry. Cherry is in the same band as guy in #1, but is pretty much as far away as you can get in terms of personality. Usually the only way to tell that its her is that shes wearing cherries, but I got too lazy to do the cherry print on her dress. So! As part of new interactive art, you have to imagine the print... ooooOOoooh... *lazy* [I'm not linking this one, 'cause you should already know it!]

#3. HE has a name. This is Conall. He owns stock in Walmart among others. He has gotten bored with making money and turned to a more political power. I've drawn him before, but he used to be a blond vampire and now is a warewolf, because that is slightly less of a cliche... and you know it fit with my plot, but never mind that. [link] (best I could find.

#4. This is kind of plot heavy. The plot I keep hinting at existing, but never actually explain? Yeah, that one. [link]

#5. I know this song is about a little girl, but some how I always thought it applied to "big girls" too. Seems like some of us get talked down to no matter how big we get. So some how that one part really hits home with describing life back when I first heard it and even now it makes me feel like shes talking to me and my unmarried friends going out into the world. [link]

#6. I listened to this song a bunch of times trying to figure how it fit until I listened to that first part and it was like, DUH! [link]

#7. Jack Johnson used to be the most amazing artist ever, but I've become pretty disillusioned with him. And this song never really impressed me. It sounds all "lets cuddle and plant flowers," but when I listen to it again, its "don't worry about what other people think, have sex with me." ... Kid you not. But anyway, that all fit in way too well with the panel above it, so it became connected. [link]

#8. This whole album is pretty pre-occupied with death and kind of strange... in an awesome way, mind yo, but I figured that fit this scene well. I really want to draw this scene well one day, but I probably won't keep the humming bird. [link]

Also side story, my computer gets weird when it zooms in sometimes where it will keep going to one spot no matter where I try and zoom into. For a while it decided to that humming bird was it. *click* HUMMING BIRD. *click* HUMMING BIRD!* :paranoid: I'm not sure how I feel about that bird now...

#9. Mario song. I could have drawn her playing a mario game. Oh yes, but I wanted to remind everyone how much worse my drawing could be. And... yeah, there is really no mario character equivalent running around my head. Aphotic causes more trouble than he does rescue her, so... yeah. [You probably don't -want- to have this ditty stuck in your head]

#10. I was kinda tired by this point, so when this was the song I got, I took it as a sign. [link]

And yes! I got something done! Its colored and thoughtful and everything!

But, yeah. If you do, do this meme (my way or the right way) make sure to link here and let me know, kay? :aww:
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Lifeisstillsweet Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thats awesome!! Lol..I love Modest Mouse!
auriond Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2010
This looks like a barrel of fun to do, though I can see how it can wear you down towards the end.

(yes I am a year behind in my comments :P )
chibipandora Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010
If you do it the way the meme wanted originally its much faster, but I just don't draw that quickly ^^;

(*_* You've been busy and luckily the stacking DA does makes it so you can browse really old stuff! I really like it.)
Cha-ki Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
(Small purple-haired child =/= larger purple-haired man, correct?)

Pretty! I kind of like the salesman one, although I have no idea why. Something about it seems amusing. I think it's the expressions. =)

Is that Ariel in panel four? Or someone else?
chibipandora Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2009
Correct! They're sort of brothers.

I do too, but I also really like that line from the song.

Yep. Shes in all of them.
hokuto Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009
Wow, those look damn awesome. o.o *ADMIRES*
chibipandora Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009
Sure look better than when I tried to do it for the length of the song. ._.; 3 minutes = 2 circles.

:hug: thanks for the comment!
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